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    APP OF THE DAY: Jet Pack Santa review (iPhone)

    By 24 December 2011

    Help Santa delivery presents to all the good boys and girls this Christmas with Jet Pack Santa, a game for the iPhone and iPad, designed by Whacked Prattle and the Serious Games Institute. All profits from the game will go to the Prince’s Trust. Jet...

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    App-vent Calendar - day 24: Kids Company MouthOff

    By 24 December 2010

    The time has at last arrived, the end of the Pocket-lint app-vent calendar of apps is upon us; with this our last in the series. As such we thought it a good idea to make this one about giving as well as receiving; it's also a hell of a lot of fun and...

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    App-vent Calendar - day 8: Oxfam Unwrapped

    By 8 December 2010

    Our series of festive-themed apps continues with an app which might just help some of the poorest people in the world and in doing so, sums up the Christmas spirit - as it's all about the giving. There are plenty of charities that run this kind of scheme....