Best baby gear for gadget-loving parents

Best baby gear for gadget-loving parents

By 5 July 2012

A baby can be the start of a whole new exciting shopping opportunity for the gadget-loving parent. If you can think of even the smallest niche in the child-rearing adventure that needs to be filled, then you can bet that there are at least 50 products... >>

Bugaboo offers iPhone holder for modern parents

Bugaboo offers iPhone holder for modern parents

By 25 May 2010

Pushchair manufacturer Bugaboo, which has recently become the latest brand to throw its hat into the charity ring with PRODUCT (RED), has launched an iPhone Holder to clip onto the back of its Bee and Cameleon buggies. The (BUGABOO) RED iPhone Holder... >>

Bugaboo Cameleon buggy / pram
4.5 out of 5

Bugaboo Cameleon buggy / pram

By 13 May 2006

With a spec sheet that reads more like a sports car's and a massive celebrity following it is easy to see why dads are drawn to the Bugaboo Cameleon. But does the new Rolls Royce of prams have what it takes to make your life with your new baby easy, or... >>

It is all about the stats

By 26 January 2006

Ben mentioned earlier in the week that after months of deliberation and decision making Mrs Pocket-lint and I have plumped for the Bugaboo over other brands. Why have we spent more on our new pram than most on a skiing trip? It's all in the stats. 5-point... >>

Buggy Envy

By 24 January 2006

Stuart's just come back from buying the iconic Bugaboo Cameleon. I'm not envious in the slightest especially since I know he'll have bought it in lurid pink. I'll let him give you the run down on this sleek and sophisticated bit of kit. I, on the other... >>