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    Firefox 4 review

    By 23 March 2011

    The browser wars are hot again, and Firefox is struggling to keep up with the ever updating Chrome and a revitalised Internet Explorer. So it’s about time the open source browser unveiled a new version, with a new look and feel and new features. Firefox...

  • Online 4.5 out of 5

    Internet Explorer 9 review

    By 15 March 2011

    For years Internet Explorer has been a bit of a joke; buggy, slow, insecure and breaking web standards. Well, IE 6 might have been all that; IE 7 had so much catching up to do that it didn’t address enough standards, although it did make significant...

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    APP OF THE DAY - Atomic Web Browser (iPad)

    By 1 July 2010

    Wow. The last couple of days without any World Cup action have really dragged, haven't they? We need our World Cup fix, we're hooked and we need more of that sweet Fifa sugar. And we imagine that a lot of you are feeling the same. We suppose the only...

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    Apple Safari 4 Internet Browser review

    By 24 February 2009

    Apple's new browser promises faster load times, new features and private browsing, but will it make your surfing experience any better? Pocket-lint hit the Internet for some heavy web surfing action to find out. None of this 3. something, Apple has opted...

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    Google Chrome – First Look review

    By 3 September 2008

    The battle of the browsers rolls on, now with Google entering the fray with their Chrome browser. Becoming public on Tuesday, we got our hands on it to put it through its paces. Knowing Google, the "beta" tag will probably remain for the life of the product....

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    Firefox 3 – First Look review

    By 23 May 2008

    With Firefox 3.0 now reaching Release Candidate stage is it stable enough to warrant upgrading or should you hold fire? We tested it against Firefox 2.0 on the Mac and IE7 on the PC to find out. Against Firefox 2.0 A quick install over the previous version...

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    Apple Safari 3 internet browser - PC review

    By 12 June 2007

    Apple's surprise announcement that it would be letting Windows users take advantage of its internet browser, free of charge, opens up a number of questions; why is the company doing it? Why should you care? What's in it for them? What's in it for you?...