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  • Bose Bluetooth Headset hands-on

    Bose Bluetooth Headset hands-on

    By 17 December 2010

    It's remarkable to consider, but Bose has never had a Bluetooth headset in its range until now. You'd think that the audio specialist would have jumped onto the bandwagon a while back. After all, the brand in synonymous with the business set, having...

  • Bose crafts its first Bluetooth headset

    Bose crafts its first Bluetooth headset

    By 22 October 2010

    It's been some time coming, but US company Bose is to release its first ever single-ear Bluetooth headset, that will hook up to a mobile phone, in the beginning of 2011. The device, simply titled the Bose Bluetooth Headset, uses proprietary audio technologies...