Blue Microphones Tiki


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  • Audio 4 out of 5

    Blue Microphones Tiki USB review

    By 22 January 2013

    Everything about the Tiki is interesting. It's got an interesting name - a Tiki is Polynesian wood carving, and a Māori word for the first man. It looks interesting, a little bit like some sort of high-tech snail, and most importantly it aims to liven...

  • Audio

    Blue Microphones Tiki USB microphone pictures and hands-on

    By 18 December 2012

    It's been a busy period for Blue Microphones, which has entered the portable market with gusto. First, we had the updated Mikey iDevice add-on, the Mikey Digital, which turns your iPhone or iPad into a quality stereo audio recorder. And the firm has introduced...