BlackBerry Storm 2

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  • Phones 3 out of 5

    BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 review

    By 25 November 2009

    When RIM launched the BlackBerry Storm in 2008 it was greeted with a mixed reception. Some loved it, others (like Stephen Fry) hated it. So can the second attempt fix the problems and give BlackBerry users a viable touchscreen experience? We've been using...

  • Phones 0 out of 5

    BlackBerry Storm 2 - First Look review

    By 15 October 2009

    RIM today announced the BlackBerry Storm 2, the second iteration of its touchscreen handset. We had our hands on the new device this morning, and this is what we made if it. In terms of look, little has changed from previously, following those distinct...