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    BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9982 pictures and hands-on

    By 21 November 2013

    BlackBerry has worked with Porsche Design on a number of exclusive handsets over the years, and the Porsche Design P'9982 is the latest device to emerge from the partnership. It is, under the skin, the BlackBerry Z10, the all-touch smartphone that launched...

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    Hands-on: BBM for iPhone review

    By 21 October 2013

    BBM for iPhone and Android is now out and we've already managed to have a play with both apps after persuading BlackBerry to push us to the front of the queue to get access. The new iPhone app, available for download from today after a somewhat awkward...

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    BlackBerry Z30 review

    By 3 October 2013

    The BlackBerry Z30 arrives at a time when BlackBerry is in turmoil. Racking up losses, a question mark over who will end up owning the company and what the future holds, sees the BlackBerry Z30 launching into a storm. It's ironic, then, that the BlackBerry...

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    BlackBerry Z30 pictures and hands-on

    By 25 September 2013

    The BlackBerry Z30 takes BB10 big in a number of ways, pushing the display out to 5-inches, making this the biggest BlackBerry around, but also pushing the battery up to 2880mAh - the largest of any BlackBerry device. In the hand, it feels like a great...

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    BlackBerry Q5 review

    By 9 July 2013

    With the flagship Z10 and Q10 BlackBerry handsets out of the way, attention turns to something further down the scale, the BlackBerry Q5, a Qwerty handset that doesn't quite hit all the highs of the Q10. It steps somewhere into the path of the old BlackBerry...

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    BlackBerry Q5 pictures and hands-on

    By 14 May 2013

    BlackBerry has just announced the Q5, a mid-range Qwerty keyboard handset designed for emerging markets and those after something cheaper than the Q10 or Z10 flagship products. Long rumoured as the R10, the new phone should replace the Curve in BlackBerry's...

  • Phones 3.5 out of 5

    BlackBerry Q10 review

    By 30 April 2013

    The BlackBerry Q10 is the BlackBerry of BlackBerry users. It retains the keyboard that BB owners know and love, sticking to the tried and tested route, rather than taking on the big rivals from Apple and Samsung with a touch-only device. With the BlackBerry...

  • Phones 3.5 out of 5

    BlackBerry Z10 review

    By 11 February 2013

    This is a new beginning for BlackBerry. A new flagship device with a new operating system, looking to excite the fans of the BlackBerry platform and breathe new life into a company that’s lost massive ground to Apple and Google. The BlackBerry Z10 treads...

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    White BlackBerry Z10 pictures and hands-on

    By 6 February 2013

    We've seen a lot of the BlackBerry Z10 in the past week or so since launch, including spending several hours with the black version before the press announcement, more since for our upcoming no-stone-left-unturned review, and even spotting a red one lurking...

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    BlackBerry Dev Alpha C pictures and hands-on

    By 5 February 2013

    BlackBerry has launched the Dev Alpha C handset at its BlackBerry Jam in Amsterdam to help developers thinking of porting or developing apps for the Qwerty-keyboard-packing Q10 handset.  The Dev Alpha C phone runs at a screen resolution of 720 x 720...

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    Red BlackBerry Z10 limited edition pictures and hands-on

    By 5 February 2013

    BlackBerry has produced a special-edition red version of its recently launched Z10 handset to say thanks to developers who completed apps before the BlackBerry 10 launch. The phone will be part of a limited 12,000 run. Developers have until  28 February...

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    BlackBerry Q10 pictures and hands-on

    By 30 January 2013

    If you've got a BlackBerry Bold in your pocket, then you may well have your eye on the BlackBerry Q10. While BlackBerry - ditching the RIM name - launched the BlackBerry Z10 today as the lead device for the new BlackBerry 10 operating system, the keyboard-touting...

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    BlackBerry 10 operating system explored

    By 30 January 2013

    BlackBerry 10 - or BB10 as it's commonly called - is the company's new operating system. But how does it work, it is any good, and are there included elements that you'll pine for enough to switch over to the new system? Here we've outlined some of the...

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    Hands-on: BlackBerry Z10 review

    By 30 January 2013

    After months of waiting, the new BlackBerry is here ready to save the day - and the company, for that matter. Pocket-lint has been living with the new BlackBerry Z10 to find out whether the new phone and the new OS will be able to deliver the goods. What...

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    BlackBerry 10 and the Alpha Dev B pictures and hands-on

    By 26 September 2012

    BlackBerry maker RIM has released a new developer testing device for its operating system BlackBerry 10, called the Alpha Dev B. We've had a chance to play with the new hardware and -more importantly - the latest software, to see just some of the features...