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  • Credit Crunch Christmas: Bigtrak under £20

    Credit Crunch Christmas: Bigtrak under £20

    By 9 December 2011

    Some toys, over time, have managed to reach classic status, spanning the generations with excellent design and the ability to engage children despite all the trappings of the modern age. Bigtrak is just one of these classic children's toys and is bound...

  • BigTrak XTR set for 2012 launch, to come with iPad, iPhone, or Android controller

    BigTrak XTR set for 2012 launch, to come with iPad, iPhone, or Android controller

    By 11 November 2011

    BigTrak is set to return once again in 2012 with new features, iPad, iPhone, and Android app control and much more according to a teaser page on the company behind the gadget's website. BigTrak XTR is promised for the new year and will come with a number...

  • Pocket-lint Podcast #15

    Pocket-lint Podcast #15

    By 31 August 2010

    The strange guitar image slapped onto the front of the Apple Special Event invite concerns Rik, Dan and Stuart as they ponder what Steve Jobs has up his black, polo-neck's sleeves. And they look forward to the biggest consumer electronics bazaar that...

  • Bigtrak vs Bigtrak Jr

    Bigtrak vs Bigtrak Jr

    By 28 August 2010

    First there was Bigtrak, and then 30 years later there was Bigtrak Jr. Now the original Bigtrak is back, having been re-released, but which one should your nostalgic self go for? Not wanting to miss an opportunity here at Pocket-lint to play, we got both...

  • Bigtrak goes on sale

    Bigtrak goes on sale

    By 14 August 2010

    Remember Bigtrak? Remember how back in February we told you it was coming to a toy store near you in time for Christmas? Of course you do. Well the good news is that while we wait for the new and improved jr version to arrive, Firebox is selling the original...