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  • Best cycling to work gear and gadgets

    Best cycling to work gear and gadgets

    By 27 March 2012

    The sun is out, the clouds packed off on holiday for a few days and suddenly the UK is transformed from polar ice cap to that lush green and pleasant land that we all remember from last year. Long may it last. One of the best ways to enjoy the weather...

  • Best cold weather gear

    Best cold weather gear

    By 23 November 2011

    Unless you're kitted out for a Siberian winter, you could be in for a shock; a cold snap from northern Russia is forecast. No better excuse, then, to get kitted-out for winter, and there's no better way of getting kitted-out for winter than in true tech...

  • Best wet weather gear

    Best wet weather gear

    By 2 November 2011

    The clocks have gone back, darkness has fallen, it's getting cold and it's starting to rain. What you'll have probably found is that you're getting a bit wetter than you were a few months ago. You've also probably found that those winter items you've...

  • Best quick-drying travel gear

    Best quick-drying travel gear

    By 16 August 2011

    Upgrade to quick-drying travel gear and you can wave goodbye to those seven pairs of bulky boxers, giant fleeces and endless pointless outfits you normally cart around the globe. Go armed with a couple of useful -albeit slightly domesticated - accessories...

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    Berghaus wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2006

    By 26 April 2006

    Berghaus has been recognised by the Queen’s Awards, one of the most prestigious business awards in the UK, as a winner in the Innovation Category for design and technical developments in outdoor products. Announced each year on the Queen’s birthday,...