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  • Tablets 3.5 out of 5

    BeBook Live review

    By 23 June 2011

    BeBook have made a departure from their previous E Ink ebook readers and ventured into the world of the Android tablet. The BeBook Live is a 7-inch LCD tablet that comes along offering Android 2.2 (Froyo), so in many ways is typical of the cheaper end...

  • Tablets

    BeBook enters the tablet market - we go hands-on

    By 12 May 2011

    BeBook, the Dutch eBook specialist, has announced its first Android tablet - the Froyo packing BeBook Live. "Froyo?" we hear you cry. "But it isn't 2010 anymore". We know, we know - but if you've not got £500+ to splash on a Honeycomb tablet, and you...