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    Best Christmas edition iPhone apps for gamers

    By 25 December 2010

    As far as the entertainment world goes there's a long and rich history of Christmas specials. From Morecambe and Wise to the Office we've always been partial to a festive treat. As casual gaming becomes increasingly prevalent as a form of everyday entertainment...

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    App-vent Calendar - day 24: Kids Company MouthOff

    By 24 December 2010

    The time has at last arrived, the end of the Pocket-lint app-vent calendar of apps is upon us; with this our last in the series. As such we thought it a good idea to make this one about giving as well as receiving; it's also a hell of a lot of fun and...

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    App-vent Calendar - day 23: Waitrose Christmas

    By 23 December 2010

    ‘Twas two nights before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Well, that’s not actually true, because with Christmas round the corner, we’re all fighting against the snow to get those last minute presents,...

  • Gaming

    App-vent - day 22: Fuzzle Christmas

    By 22 December 2010

    Everyone enjoys a little taster, whether it's at your local delicatessen in order to try a couple of choice cheeses; at the cinema, viewing the trailers for upcoming films or trying out the latest console title at your local games retailer. Our app-vent...

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    App-vent Calendar - day 21: Christmas Sweater-izer

    By 21 December 2010

    In the lead up to Christmas Day Pocket-lint thought it a good idea to replace its regular App of the Day slot with something a little more festive. Then, from one of Pocket-lint's famous all-night brain storming sessions the App-vent Calendar was spawned...

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    App-vent Calendar - day 20: Amateur Surgeon Christmas Edition

    By 20 December 2010

    There can't be many of us who haven't at some point thought it would be a good crack to perform some impromptu amateur surgery on a sickly friend, whether it being pulling a tooth, or removing a troublesome mole. As a rule this kind of naive knife-play...

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    App-vent Calendar - day 18: Collapse Holiday Edition (BlackBerry)

    By 18 December 2010

    Pocket-lint’s App-vent Calendar has served up a selection of festive apps to help or entertain you count down to the big day.  This has been mostly dominated by iPhone apps, but let’s face it – other app markets don’t seem to be able to keep...

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    App-vent Calendar - day 17: Weather HD Christmas Edition (iPad)

    By 17 December 2010

    Us Brits are obsessed by the weather aren't we? We mean, if we had a pound for everyone that spoke to us about the weather today, we'd have £3 - enough to buy a can of Cherry Tango, a pack of Haribo Tangfastics and a bag of pickled-onion Space Invaders....

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    App-vent Calendar - day 16: Guinness World Records: At Your Fingertips (iPad)

    By 16 December 2010

    For some, Christmas is about giving to those worse off than ourselves and spreading joy and happiness to all. Others rejoice and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God. And some take the opportunity to catch up with their families, loved...

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    App-vent Calendar - day 15: Christmas Wrapped (iPhone)

    By 15 December 2010

    Pocket-lint's App-vent calendar of apps continues with a service that usually Pocket-lint would encourage you to avoid. Not because of some inherent evil within, but because of the genres innate uselessness. We're talking about gift guides, where you...

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    App-vent Calendar - day 14: iTunes 12 Days of Christmas

    By 14 December 2010

    Yes, it's the time you've all been waiting for. No longer will you have to pace the room, twiddling your thumbs, looking anxiously at the clock wondering, hoping and longing that Apple will announce its answer to all the sadness and worries of the world....

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    App-vent Calendar - day 13: Christmas Rock 'N' Roll (iPhone/iPod touch/iPad)

    By 13 December 2010

    Some of the apps in our App-vent Calendar are brand new, while others have been around for a while. Some only really get to see the light of day during the holiday period, much like the chrimbo decorations that are left languishing in the loft for most...

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    App-vent Calendar - day 12: Catch the Presents! (Chrome)

    By 12 December 2010

    Less than two weeks to go until Christmas and that can only mean one thing. Yep, you guessed it - it's time for another door to be opened on our special App-vent Calendar. As the festive spirit creeps into the office, you're bound to find more and more...

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    App-vent Calendar - day 11: Nightmare Before Christmas (Symbian)

    By 11 December 2010

    There are ludicrous amounts of Christmas-themed apps coming our way this festive season ranging from Chrimbo countdowns to elf-themed video greetings and yuletide fireplace simulators. However, here at Pocket-lint, many of our fave apps are games (step...

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    App-vent Calendar - day 10: Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift (iPhone/iPod touch/iPad)

    By 10 December 2010

    Look, we're well aware that trying to fill 25 days worth of App of The Day with Christmas themed apps was always going to result in a few, well, cr-apps possibly making it in. But there has been a few big titles along the way as well, and no more so than...