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    App of the day: Paperland Pro review (Android)

    By 13 June 2013

    Paperland isn't strictly speaking an app. What it is in reality is a live wallpaper, but that sort of undersells it a bit and the value it has. So for the sake of this, we'll call it an "App of the day". What Paperland is though, is something that seems...

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    App of the day: Google Keyboard review (Android)

    By 6 June 2013

    It's not an exaggeration to say there are a multitude of Android keyboards out there. From Go Keyboard, to Swiftkey and Swype your choices are almost unlimited. But it used to be the case that if you wanted the Google "official" or stock keyboard, you'd...

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    App of the day: review (Android)

    By 30 May 2013

    Android gets email right, as long as you're loyal to Gmail. You will have a frustrating time if you're a Hotmail or Yahoo user, and want to enjoy the same rich experience as you'd get within Google's own apps. And that's not much of a surprise. And with...