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  • Home Cinema 3 out of 5

    Flushed Away - DVD review

    By 11 April 2007

    Aardman, the Bristol-based team behind Wallace and Gromit, join up with animation giants DreamWorks (Shrek) for their third big-screen adventure. Leading a strong list of A-List stars Hugh Jackman plays Roddy, a pet rat from a luxurious Kensington apartment...

  • Home Cinema 3 out of 5

    Over the Hedge - DVD review

    By 22 December 2006

    Based on the popular comic strip by Michael Fry and T Lewis, “Over the Hedge” is the latest animated adventure from Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks studios. Spring has sprung in the forest and a group of foragers including Verne the turtle (Shandling),...

  • Home Cinema 3.5 out of 5

    Cars - DVD review

    By 6 December 2006

    John “Toy Story” Lasseter gets back behind the wheel after a 7 year absence for this high octane animation adventure set in the world of NASCAR racing. Owen Wilson plays Lightning McQueen, a cocky young racer on the verge of winning the legendary...