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  • Gaming

    Hands-on: Green Throttle review

    By 10 April 2013

    This year was always going to be interesting for gaming and, specifically, console gaming. Not only are we expecting the next-generation machines from Sony and Microsoft - the PS4 and Xbox 720 - and keeping a close eye on the Nintendo Wii U to see if...

  • Tablets 4 out of 5

    Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 review

    By 13 March 2013

    The Kindle Fire HD 8.9 swells Amazon's UK tablet offering to three devices, with the 8.9 sitting at the top of the pile, at least, in terms of size. It matches the design of the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD, and in many cases offers the same specs and functionality,...

  • Tablets 4 out of 5

    Amazon Kindle Fire HD review

    By 1 November 2012

    The Kindle Fire HD brings to the UK something missing from Amazon's armoury: a tablet. With the Kindle E Ink reader now firmly lodged in the hands, and minds, of many, the most important thing about this particular tablet might not be the operating system...

  • Apps

    Lovefilm for Kindle Fire HD pictures and hands-on

    By 26 October 2012

    With the arrival of the Kindle Fire HD comes Lovefilm streaming its way on to Android. Not for every Android user mind, just those who happen to have picked up Amazon's new tablet.  We've been calling out for a Lovefilm app for Android for ages: the...