Russian court acquits boss

Russian court acquits boss

By 15 August 2007

Reuters is reporting that the former boss of music download site has been acquitted. Denis Kvasov had been on trial in Russia facing charges of breaching copyright law via the popular download site that was second only behind iTunes in the... >> is finally closed down is finally closed down

By 3 July 2007

The illegal music download site has finally been shut down by the Russian government. The site, which had always claimed a loophole in Russian law allowed them to sell MP3 tracks without paying any kind of royalties to record labels or artists,... >>

Dawn raid on's UK agent

Dawn raid on's UK agent

By 22 May 2007

A British man has been arrested and computer equipment and papers seized after police raided a private address in Bow, London. The man was allegedly in the process of selling £10 vouchers that allowed downloads from the illegal Russian music website... >>

US record labels bring suit against

US record labels bring suit against

By 21 December 2006

Russian download site has not had a great year. The latest in a long list of persecutions comes from US record labels, who are filing suit in New York. Arista Records, Warner Bros, Capitol, and UMG recordings are all going after Mediaservices,... >>

Russians agree with US to shut down

Russians agree with US to shut down

By 1 December 2006

The US has almost succeeded in its campaign to get Russian music downloading site to shut down. The site was named as an examples of the obstacles that prevent Russia from joining the World Trade Organization. However, it seems that Russia... >>

BPI to sue Russian website

By 3 July 2006

The BPI has received permission to sue the Russian downloading website in a British court. The recording industry body had declared intentions to take the site to court in an presentation about DRM to the House of Commons. Now the institute... >>

BPI to sue and calls for Apple to open iTunes

By 7 June 2006

The British record industry's trade association, the BPI, made a presentation outlining its future plans and vision, which include suing, to MPs yesterday. General counsel Roz Groome told the House of Commons Select Committee for Culture,... >>