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    Hands-on: Alfa Romeo 4C review

    By 20 March 2014

    You would think more car events would happen in the Isle of Man. For a start, out of the towns and villages, the speed limit is derestricted. That doesn't mean 60mph, it means there is no limit. The Isle of Man loves motor vehicles though, and the craziness...

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    Alfa Romeo 4C Spider concept pictures and eyes-on

    By 6 March 2014

    There was quite the buzz around the Alfa Romeo stand at the Geneva Motor Show. And for good reason: the company was showing off its 4C Spider concept car. This dinky little car weighs under a tonne and despite being a concept looks to pave the way for...

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    Alfa Romeo Disco Volante by Touring Superleggera pictures and hands-on

    By 13 September 2013

    Do you have a Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione coupé that you just don't like the look of? Do you want to dump a whole heap of cash on giving it a complete remodelling? Then the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante is possibly the car for you. Alfa Romeo has given its...

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    Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.4 TB MultiAir 170 Sportiva review

    By 12 April 2013

    Having tried, and been rather impressed with, the ball of energy that is Alfa’s 170bhp, 1.4 "MultiAir" engine a couple of weeks back in the Mito, we couldn’t help wondering what kind of Alfa options were available if you needed a bit of extra space...

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    Alfa Romeo MiTo Cloverleaf review

    By 2 April 2013

    The hot hatch falls into two distinct categories: understated and exaggerated. Think Golf GTI or Vauxhall Astra VXR, each has its merits and they are clearly targeted at different markets, but crucially both are about adding some fun to your driving....