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    APP OF THE DAY: Adobe Photoshop Touch review (iPad 2)

    By 28 February 2012

    One of the main attractions of any tablet device is its undoubted ability for photo manipulation. More and more, consumers and professional photographers alike have been using an iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab or other Android slate to tart up and ready their...

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    Adobe Photoshop Touch for Android pictures and hands-on

    By 14 November 2011

    Adobe is continuing to venture into the interesting world of apps with a new range of software for Android Honeycomb tablets, allowing them to work on photos away from their computer. The lead app in the new suite is Photoshop Touch which is, as the...

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    APP OF THE DAY: Adobe Photoshop Touch apps review (iPad)

    By 10 May 2011

    No app of the day yesterday, three today. That's just how we roll. Pocket-lint doesn't play to the rules. And three belters too. There's no fart apps here, or mediocre games ripped off from classic console titles. Nope, it's professional all the way as...