Adidas Adizero f50

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    Adidas adiZero F50: 99-gram football boots to launch 2015

    By 27 May 2013

    Football boots are about to get a whole lot lighter. Adidas has unveiled a prototype adiZero F50 99g boot which - as the name suggests - weighs in at a mere 99 grams, almost 50 per cent lighter than the current top-spec F50 adiZero Prime. Cripes. Pocket-lint...

  • Sports Fitness

    Adidas Virtual Footwear Wall pictures and hands-on

    By 31 October 2011

    Back in March Pocket-lint told you all about the Adidas Virtual Footwear Wall after it had caught our eye when it went on show over in Germany at CeBIT. And now we've had a chance to get up close and personal, and all touchy-feely, with the real thing...