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  • Game rentals soar in popularity

    Game rentals soar in popularity

    By 18 April 2007, the UK’s largest games rental service for Wii, PS3, DS, PS2, PSP and XBOX 360, has reported a huge increase in the number of customers as renting games is becoming more popular. The web rental service has stated that the main reason for...

  • Feeding fish through Wi-Fi

    Feeding fish through Wi-Fi

    By 18 April 2007

    Yes, you got it right. Wi-Fi has come to fish tanks so you can monitor the scaly animals and even feed them when you are away. A new Wi-Fi-enabled aquarium lets you see the fish, feed them, change the temperature and filter in the tank. Oh, and turn the...

  • Rainbow Maker for summer

    Rainbow Maker for summer

    By 18 April 2007

    No rain is required for this fun invention, now you can have rainbows all over your room with the Rainbow Maker. Plus, the device is solar-powered, it just needs sticking to a window that receives direct sunlight then the built-in solar panel begins to...

  • Wi-Fi cautions for two

    Wi-Fi cautions for two

    By 18 April 2007

    A man and woman were arrested and cautioned for using other people's Wi-Fi connections in Worcestershire this month. This is thought to be the first act by Police to clamp down on criminal behaviour of this sort, a woman had been warned earlier in April....

  • Pandigital unveils 15-inch digiframe

    Pandigital unveils 15-inch digiframe

    By 18 April 2007

    Digital frames are getting bigger with standards being around 7-10-inches. Pandigital is following the trend and launched its own large version. At 15-inches the Pandigital PAN-150 will be needing a bit of space but will handle your high-resolution shots...

  • Nationwide and Barclays tackle security

    Nationwide and Barclays tackle security

    By 18 April 2007

    In separate announcements, two of the UKs leading banks are making moves to protect their customers from identity theft and losing millions of pounds each year. Barclays is introducing a new PINsentry for online users, while Nationwide has been working...

  • Restaurant opts for the iPod

    Restaurant opts for the iPod

    By 18 April 2007

    The music played in restaurants can often become the sour taste to any meal, whether it’s the reedy sounds of an Indian dish, the castanets of Spanish food or the guitar in an American diner. One British restaurant has found a way to make our delicacies...

  • Google adds online presentations

    Google adds online presentations

    By 18 April 2007

    Google has made another acquisition and this time the world-renowned search engine plans to expand its online documentation services. Google is moving into nearly every online territory it possibly can, and putting up a further gauntlet to Microsoft Office....

  • Excitement over HD DVD sales

    Excitement over HD DVD sales

    By 18 April 2007

    The North American HD DVD Promotional Group has got very excited this week, because it's celebrating its first anniversary since it launched HD DVD hardware and movies to consumers. To sweeten the news, the group is also claiming that in the first year,...

  • Fujitsu go ultra-light

    Fujitsu go ultra-light

    By 17 April 2007

    Going for ultra-small as is the trend with most Japanese electronic gadgets, Fujitsu unveil its latest convertible tablet PC. Fujitsu is introducing another pair of ultralight models of handheld PCs on the market. However, compared to previous models,...

  • Magellan unveil Maestro 3100 and Maestro 3140

    Magellan unveil Maestro 3100 and Maestro 3140

    By 17 April 2007

    Magellan has announced a further range of car navigation devices following its line it released in 2007. The first two models from this series are the Maestro 3100 and Maestro 3140. These devices offer features including AAA TourBook Travel Information,...

  • Intel prepare for internet everywhere

    Intel prepare for internet everywhere

    By 17 April 2007

    With the announcement that the City of London will have the biggest Wi-Fi Square Mile in Europe, Intel has the technology to make it work. The latest concept from Intel is the "metro notebook". It's an ultra-thin, ultra-light laptop for the ladies. Designed...

  • Digital Drumsticks create your own beat

    Digital Drumsticks create your own beat

    By 17 April 2007

    Connect these beauties to any audio output player, whether your iPod or old-fashioned CD player and these motion-activated drumsticks should allow you to drum along with songs. The control module clips to a belt and has a cable for your iPod and another...

  • SeeSnake peeps 3 feet

    SeeSnake peeps 3 feet

    By 17 April 2007

    You know those scenes in Hollywood movies or GRAW when the SWAT team snakes a camera under the door before bursting in to attack, well now you can do the same too. The SeeSnake Micro, is a camera with a 2.5-inch LCD display followed by a 3-foot cable...

  • Microsoft supports TV streams

    Microsoft supports TV streams

    By 17 April 2007

    Microsoft's Sliverlight, launched yesterday, has already found a way to make TV streaming smoother with fewer glitches in the connection. Skinkers, a push video and news service has announced that it will be using the software giants "LiveStation" technology...

  • Bands upload video immediately

    Bands upload video immediately

    By 17 April 2007

    Atlantic Records is encouraging its signed bands to embrace the web by allowing them to post what they are up to via their mobile phone. Groupies around the globe will now be able to follow thier favourite artists every move with a new initative that...

  • Joost looks to indie market for breakaway content

    Joost looks to indie market for breakaway content

    By 17 April 2007

    Joost, the internet television platform set up by two of the founders of VoIP service Skype has turned to indie publishers for content. The relatively new internet TV platform has signed a string of distribution partnerships with independent film and...

  • Big Brother opens Diary Room to all

    Big Brother opens Diary Room to all

    By 17 April 2007

    EA and Endemol are offering fans of Big Brother the chance to relive the excitement of the television show in a new online experience. Called "Virtual Me", the partnership between Endemol and Electronic Arts promises to extend the interactive element...

  • Sony unveils CompactFlash range

    Sony unveils CompactFlash range

    By 17 April 2007

    Sony has announced that is moving away from manufacturing just Memory Sticks and started to offer CompactFlash cards for digital camera users. The new card range will be compatible with a wide range of products featuring the Compact Flash slot, including...

  • Radio comes to Nintendo DS

    Radio comes to Nintendo DS

    By 17 April 2007

    So far you can pick up an MP3 player for your Nintendo DS, adding to the accessories with a little low-cost action is a bit of radio technology. Available now the NDS Lite FM Radio Converter comes as a straightforward and lightweight add-on for your handheld...

  • Bill Wyman launches own metal detector

    Bill Wyman launches own metal detector

    By 17 April 2007

    Bill Wyman who professed his love for metal detecting in a letter to the editor of The Times last month has now gone one step further and launched his own range. Taking on George Foreman, Bill has announced his new product that is light-weight with "significant...

  • TomTom update World maps

    TomTom update World maps

    By 17 April 2007

    Today TomTom announced the availability of updates for most its maps, plus moves to include detailed maps for South Africa. Customers will be able to update the maps for their device through TomTom HOME or via the TomTom website. The updates include new...

  • Lexmark launch affordable wireless printers

    Lexmark launch affordable wireless printers

    By 17 April 2007

    Wireless is taking over and Lexmark has announced its new range of affordable wireless printers. The company is starting big with eight out of its new 12 inkjet printers for 2007 hosting wireless capabilities spanning three printer categories. Initially...

  • Hackers put off buyers

    Hackers put off buyers

    By 17 April 2007

    With so much data theft the chance of swapping supplier, or your favourite online store is easy. A new survey has found over half of people stop spending at sites that had suffered security breaches. So many people are worried about key personal data...

  • Wayfinder Navigator update for mobiles

    By 17 April 2007

    Wayfinder has announced an update to its GPS service with Wayfinder Navigator 7. Although only compatible with symbian Smart Phones, the software claims access maps of the specific area you're in through points of interest or for travelling between specific...