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  • Moustache toys - The Mo is everywhere

    Moustache toys - The Mo is everywhere

    By 11 November 2009

    If you can't decide on a shape or structure for your upper lip decoration and your online search has delivered imagery of the resplendent Selleck or snaps of pretty boys Pitt and Depp, you've mused over the Einstein brush and chuckled at Chaplin's nearly...

  • Nokia 8800 review
    3 out of 5

    Nokia 8800 review

    By 27 October 2005

    Nokia's 8800 sells itself on its sleek lines and shiny exterior, but can the phone live up to its glamorous marketing campaign or is it a case of style over substance. We take a closer look. After the usual barrage of reviewing practical technology designed...

  • Samsung Serene - FIRST LOOK review
    0 out of 5

    Samsung Serene - FIRST LOOK review

    By 25 October 2005

    The most recent collaborative project in the mobile market went on show Friday night as one of the centrepiece attractions at Sotheby's annual contemporary art sale, amidst the painted cardboard boxes, infantile abstracts and jaw-dropping price tags the...