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  • Mini Coyote GPS safety camera alert system
    3 out of 5

    Mini Coyote GPS safety camera alert system

    By 23 June 2009

    Five or 6 years ago radar/speed camera detectors used to ply a good trade, though admittedly their target audience mainly consisted of boy racers and those looking to push a flashy new sports car to the limits. Today there’s not as much of a calling...

  • Gyration Air Mouse Go Plus
    3.5 out of 5

    Gyration Air Mouse Go Plus

    By 12 June 2009

    Gyration has been churning out air mice for some time now, with the Go Plus on test another entry into the range offering access from up to 30 meters away and a wide range of custom configurations through the supplied software. The device hasn’t changed...

  • e-pens Mobile Notes
    4 out of 5

    e-pens Mobile Notes

    By 5 June 2009

    The emergence of electronic forms of communication has all but eliminated the need for handwritten notes, but for one reason or another it is still necessary to resort to old-school scribble to keep a record of important information. More often than not,...

  • Netgear EVA9150 media streamer
    4.5 out of 5

    Netgear EVA9150 media streamer

    By 15 May 2009

    Despite the digital media boom there are still precious few streamers and jukeboxes around that do a decent job of handling the array of digital content that might populate the modern home. We’ve seen a few commendable efforts so far, but very few manufacturers...

  • Hauppauge WinTV MiniStick HD TV tuner
    3.5 out of 5

    Hauppauge WinTV MiniStick HD TV tuner

    By 7 May 2009

    The WinTV-MiniStick HD is the latest portable tuner from Hauppauge, promising to offer a range of digital Freeview channels along with any free-to-air HD programming in the area. It’s the smallest we’ve seen to date, being around the same size as...

  • Freecom Mediaplayer II media streamer
    3 out of 5

    Freecom Mediaplayer II media streamer

    By 4 May 2009

    The media streamer market seems to be picking up speed again following a series of recent announcements, and by the looks of things those looking to share media libraries around the home will have no shortage of choice this summer. Freecom fans would...

  • Sennheiser CX 380 Sport II headphones
    4 out of 5

    Sennheiser CX 380 Sport II headphones

    By 24 April 2009

    Sennheiser has got just about every possible application and environment covered when it comes to headphones and has recently expanded its range further with five new additions to its Sport Line. The CX 380 Sport II on test is a new in-ear model and carries...

  • EZY MyXerver MX3600 media server
    4 out of 5

    EZY MyXerver MX3600 media server

    By 20 April 2009

    NAS (network attached storage) devices fit nicely into that grey area between "why bother" and "pretty useful" in today’s digital-media-centric times. The fact that there are so many around indicates clear demand, yet the more dedicated digital media...

  • Norton 360 v3.0 - PC
    4.5 out of 5

    Norton 360 v3.0 - PC

    By 16 April 2009

    It doesn't seem like a year since Norton did a great job of refining its "family friendly" security suite but version 3 of 360 has arrived, keen to keep its place as the favourite all-in-one tool of choice for the home user. Those looking for a range...

  • CyberLink PowerDVD 9 Deluxe - PC
    3.5 out of 5

    CyberLink PowerDVD 9 Deluxe - PC

    By 1 April 2009

    If you’re proud of your extensive collection of DVDs and growing army of Blu-ray titles and are partial to enjoying the odd film or three through a PC, something a little more dedicated than Windows Media Player could well be on the cards. PowerDVD...

  • Teufel AC 9050 PH headphones
    4.5 out of 5

    Teufel AC 9050 PH headphones

    By 5 March 2009

    A decent pair of in-ear bud ‘phones would be our weapon of choice for portable music players and mobile phones, but if you’re enjoying tunes in the home or playing games, you can’t beat a set of over-ear cans. Teufel has just launched a set at this...

  • HDX 1000 media streamer
    4 out of 5

    HDX 1000 media streamer

    By 2 March 2009

    We're still patiently waiting for a media streamer that offers decent access to the wide range of content stored on a typical PC and the wealth of services available online, and while there have been some worthy contenders to date, the "definitive solution"...

  • JAYS s-JAYS headphones
    4 out of 5

    JAYS s-JAYS headphones

    By 20 February 2009

    Just about every set of in-ear ‘bud phones ever released have claimed to offer “superb sound” and “thumping bass” thanks to some fancy new audio technology that would be far too difficult for all but the geekiest of audio-heads to understand....

  • Kensington LiquidAUX Deluxe iPod car kit
    4 out of 5

    Kensington LiquidAUX Deluxe iPod car kit

    By 19 February 2009

    If you have a car stereo with an auxiliary input and an iPod you may well have hooked your player up in your car in the past by simply running a cable to it and leaving the device sliding around in a storage compartment somewhere. This is far from ideal...

  • Ad-Aware Pro Anniversary Edition - PC
    4 out of 5

    Ad-Aware Pro Anniversary Edition - PC

    By 13 February 2009

    Ad-Aware has been an old favourite of ours for a while, being one of the first free utilities designed to help scan for and remove malware and protect you against incoming threats through its Ad-Watch component. In recent times it has fallen from grace...

  • Datz Music Lounge
    3 out of 5

    Datz Music Lounge

    By 4 February 2009

    If you’re really into your music and would prefer an unlimited download subscription to picking and paying for individual tracks through something like iTunes, enter the Datz Music Lounge, which offers unlimited, DRM-free tunes for a year. The package...

  • SoProtectMe - PC
    4 out of 5

    SoProtectMe - PC

    By 22 January 2009

    Though there are a range of ways to control and restrict access to certain parts of your computer through Windows’ user accounts, these aren’t always that easy to configure and don’t offer a particularly good degree of control. If you’re using...

  • Logic3 i-Station25 iPod dock
    3.5 out of 5

    Logic3 i-Station25 iPod dock

    By 16 January 2009

    Another day, another iPod dock. Logic3 has turned up with yet another accessory for the world's most famous line of media players and this time the focus is on video playback, thanks to its unique built-in accelerometer. This works alongside the accelerometer...

  • TuneUp Utilities 2009 - PC
    4 out of 5

    TuneUp Utilities 2009 - PC

    By 23 December 2008

    TuneUp Utilities has been farming out optimisation software for the best part of a decade, expanding and improving on the tools available within Windows into what is now a pretty comprehensive suite. The latest version has tweaked the interface and refined...

  • Viewsonic VX2260wm monitor
    4 out of 5

    Viewsonic VX2260wm monitor

    By 22 December 2008

    If you’re after a new display that can handle high-definition video and widescreen gaming through your ridiculously highly-specced computer you’ll be looking for two things - a low response time and high resolution. The Viewsonic VX2260 offers both...

  • DViCO TViX R-3300 media streamer
    3.5 out of 5

    DViCO TViX R-3300 media streamer

    By 19 December 2008

    DViCO has a bit of a mixed reputation in the media streaming and jukebox market; its products tend to perform very well but often suffer from stability issues and aren’t always the easiest to use. In the TViX R-3300 DViCO presents a mid-range media...

  • Norton AntiVirus 2009 - PC
    3.5 out of 5

    Norton AntiVirus 2009 - PC

    By 18 December 2008

    There are a ton of very capable security suites around these days and some offer extremely good value for money when you consider additional features such as backup and tune-up tools that are becoming more common. It almost makes you wonder how much longer...

  • GEAR4 ProControl AV iPod dock
    3 out of 5

    GEAR4 ProControl AV iPod dock

    By 11 December 2008

    There are bags of iPod accessories out there but a dock is arguably one of the most useful, allowing you to plant your iPod in place to synchronise it with iTunes, charge it when not in use and send your tunes to a beefy stereo system. Some, like Gear4’s...

  • LaCie LaCinema Rugged media drive
    2.5 out of 5

    LaCie LaCinema Rugged media drive

    By 10 December 2008

    With the increasing abundance of digital media it comes as no surprise to see more media jukeboxes like Lacie’s LaCinema crop up over the last year or so. As a solution for those who want to view photos, videos or listen to music through a TV they are...

  • Webroot Internet Security Essentials - PC
    3 out of 5

    Webroot Internet Security Essentials - PC

    By 9 December 2008

    More and more security suites are offering added extras to try and pull one over rivals that decide to stick with antivirus and firewall oriented components and Webroot is the latest to throw a bunch of extras into the mix. Accompanying system security...