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  • APP OF THE DAY: Tagwhat review (iPhone/Android)

    APP OF THE DAY: Tagwhat review (iPhone/Android)

    By 1 March 2011

    As part of our Augmented Reality week, we'll be filling you in on the best AR apps around. Some are useful, some are interesting and some are just plain silly, but still great fun. Tagwhat is one of the more useful ones and even claims to be "the world's...

  • APP OF THE DAY: Heads Up Navigator review (iPhone)

    APP OF THE DAY: Heads Up Navigator review (iPhone)

    By 28 February 2011

    This week we've gone a bit AR mad, so all of our Apps of the Day have got a whiff of Augmented Reality about them. Whether it's mapping, games or Wi-Fi locators - we've got them all. This map-based offering is one of the best we've seen and one that we...

  • Cyrus Streamline hands-on

    Cyrus Streamline hands-on

    By 28 February 2011

    High-end audio specialist Cyrus has introduced a new range of streaming products including the all-in-one Streamline. We went along to the Bristol-based Sound & Vision Show 2011 to get a closer look. There are three models to choose from in the range,...

  • Google does stereo?

    Google does stereo?

    By 25 February 2011

    Your eyes aren't deceiving you, that really is a Google-branded stereo system in the picture, spotted at this year's Bristol-based Sound & Vision Show in the UK. Bearing the search engine giant's familiar logo and branding, along with a display that reads...

  • What is Thunderbolt?

    What is Thunderbolt?

    By 24 February 2011

    Apple's latest lineup of MacBook Pro laptops are the first products to feature Thunderbolt, which Apple describes as "the most powerful, most flexible I/O technology ever in a personal computer". But, what exactly is it and what does it mean for you?...

  • JVC GS-TD1 hands-on

    JVC GS-TD1 hands-on

    By 23 February 2011

    JVC launched what it calls the world's first consumer camcorder with full HD 3D at CES 2011, although Sony actually pipped it to the post and announced its HDR-TD10E first. However, JVC's 3D device is due to hit UK shops before Sony's so, in a way, ...

  • JVC GZ-HM960 hands-on

    JVC GZ-HM960 hands-on

    By 23 February 2011

    Hot on the heels of its full HD GS-TD1 camcorder, announced at CES 2011, JVC also introduced the GZ-HM960 - a more affordable model that can convert 2D footage to 3D. We were lucky enough to get our hands on JVC's latest gadget at the company's UK HQ....

  • Toshiba Camileo S30
    3 out of 5

    Toshiba Camileo S30

    By 22 February 2011

    The range of pocket camcorders available seems to be growing by the day and there are now plenty of options on offer. Toshiba recently expanded its range with the introduction of the Camileo S30 and P20 which both sport slimline, pocket-friendly designs....

  • Veho Renovo photo scanner
    3.5 out of 5

    Veho Renovo photo scanner

    By 18 February 2011

    Cast your mind back to the days when Facebook didn't exist, DM referred to a boot rather than a direct message and no one had a digital camera. Remember? Chances are that it's hard to forget, as you've probably got shoeboxes full of old photos to remind...

  • HTC Wildfire S vs HTC Wildfire

    HTC Wildfire S vs HTC Wildfire

    By 17 February 2011

    HTC confirmed the Wildfire S as the follow-up model to its popular mid-range Android handset, the Wildfire, at the recent MWC show in Barcelona. But if you've already got an HTC Wildfire, does the new model offer enough improvement for you to consider...

  • Panasonic VW-CLT1 3D camcorder lens hands-on

    Panasonic VW-CLT1 3D camcorder lens hands-on

    By 16 February 2011

    Panasonic debuted its VW-CLT1 3D camcorder lens in 2010, but it's now available to buy separately and can be used with a selection of models from the brand's new product lineup. We managed to get some hands-on time with the new lens at Panasonic's 2011...

  • Panasonic HX-WA10 hands-on

    Panasonic HX-WA10 hands-on

    By 16 February 2011

    Panasonic has just announced its HX-WA10 "dual camera" and we managed to track it down at Panasonic's 2011 convention. As a late addition to the lineup, the WA10 model on show was only a prototype, so while we can tell you all about the look and feel...

  • Roberts Radio Stream 63i
    4 out of 5

    Roberts Radio Stream 63i

    By 16 February 2011

    With so many different ways to listen to your music nowadays, sometimes it can be tricky to find a product that covers all the formats. Roberts Radio's Stream 63i certainly gives it a good shot, boasting a Wi-Fi radio, along with DAB and FM tuners, an...

  • Panasonic debuts its first 3D LED TV

    Panasonic debuts its first 3D LED TV

    By 15 February 2011

    Panasonic's Viera TV lineup for 2011 will include the brand's very first 3D LED panel, in the shape of the DT30 series. Comprising two panels - the 37-inch TX-L37DT30 and the 32-inch TX-L37DT30 - the DT30 series adds mid-size TVs to the super-size plasma...

  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Play vs iPhone 4

    Sony Ericsson Xperia Play vs iPhone 4

    By 14 February 2011

    The "PlayStation" phone has been all over the blogosphere for months now, but Sony Ericsson has finally confirmed the handset as the Xperia Play at MWC 2011 in Barcelona. The Play will be the world's first PlayStation-certified smartphone, but will it...

  • LG Optimus 3D vs Nintendo 3DS

    LG Optimus 3D vs Nintendo 3DS

    By 14 February 2011

    LG recently confirmed its much rumoured Optimus 3D handset which enables three-dimensional viewing, without the need for any specs and we were able to get a close-up look at the Barcelona-based MWC mobile tech show. Obviously we're not really comparing...

  • Panasonic RP-DJS400
    3.5 out of 5

    Panasonic RP-DJS400

    By 14 February 2011

    With the number of amateur DJs increasing by the day, plenty of audio brands are now offering fashionable headphones with rotating earpieces for the one-eared listening position that's a prerequisite of the DJ stance. Clearly targeted at the young hipster...

  • HP TouchPad vs Motorola Xoom

    HP TouchPad vs Motorola Xoom

    By 11 February 2011

    The hotly anticipated tablet from HP has finally been confirmed, in the shape of the HP TouchPad. And a new product on the horizon can only mean one thing - fight! This is where we whip out the spec sheets and pitch the new kid on the tablet block against...

  • Panasonic: Active 3D better than passive

    Panasonic: Active 3D better than passive

    By 9 February 2011

    3D TV is here to stay. The technology has come and gone in the past but, now that it's made it into our homes, it's there for good. That's not the end of the story though. There's still a great debate raging as to what form that 3D is going to take. It's...

  • Bose AE2
    4.5 out of 5

    Bose AE2

    By 8 February 2011

    If you've got yourself an iPod or other MP3 player then chances are that you'll want to upgrade to some decent headphones. Of course, you could go for some earphones, but for the best sound quality possible you're better off investing in some cans. And...

  • Canon EOS 600D vs Canon EOS 550D

    Canon EOS 600D vs Canon EOS 550D

    By 7 February 2011

    The Canon EOS 600D has been the subject of internet rumours for some time now, but the manufacturer has finally made things official. Sitting at the top of Canon's entry-level EOS series, the 600D is the natural successor to the 550D, but what if you've...

  • Super Bowl 2011 tech ads: Motorola Xoom, The Daily and, er, Justin Bieber

    Super Bowl 2011 tech ads: Motorola Xoom, The Daily and, er, Justin Bieber

    By 7 February 2011

    Super Bowl Sunday is the most important event in the US sporting calendar and it's also the launch day for the biggest TV ads of the year. With ads costing millions of dollars to place, it's only the big boys that can afford it, which explains why so...

  • Sennheiser Adidas HD 25-1-II
    4 out of 5

    Sennheiser Adidas HD 25-1-II

    By 4 February 2011

    We've seen several audio manufacturers joining forces with fashion brands and celebrities to come up some cool headphones, like Philips's O'Neill tangle-free cans and the Monster Beats collaboration with Dr Dre. For its latest release, Sennheiser has...

  • Keep in touch on the slopes: Walkie talkies rated

    Keep in touch on the slopes: Walkie talkies rated

    By 3 February 2011

    Officially they're called two-way radios, but the more recognisable and frankly much more fun term, walkie talkie, is the one that most people tend to use. Aside from helping you to pretend that you're taking part in a terribly exciting adventure, perhaps...

  • The phones of MWC 2011

    The phones of MWC 2011

    By 2 February 2011

    With Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2011 less than two weeks away, we thought it would be a good time to take a look over all the rumours floating about to see which products are going to be making their debuts at the Barcelona mobile phone-fest. We've broken...