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  • Muvi HD 1080p Action Cam
    3.5 out of 5

    Muvi HD 1080p Action Cam

    By 4 July 2011

    We've reviewed plenty of pocket camcorders here on Pocket-lint, including the Toshiba Camilieo S30 and the Kodak Playtouch, and with one of the big hitters - Flip Video - recently pulling out of the market, there's plenty of room for other brands to make...

  • Panasonic 2012 Olympics cameras and camcorders hands-on

    Panasonic 2012 Olympics cameras and camcorders hands-on

    By 1 July 2011

    Panasonic has unveiled a range of Olympics-branded products for the 2012 games in London and we were able to get our hands on some of them for a sneak preview. The new product lineup is set to include cameras, camcorders, headphones and SD cards and will...

  • What is Google+?

    What is Google+?

    By 29 June 2011

    Search engine giant Google has just announced its Google+ social networking platform that's set to rival Facebook. Well, that's the plan anyway. Google doesn't have a particularly strong history when it comes to social networking services with both Google...

  • Searching Google: 38 tips to get better results

    Searching Google: 38 tips to get better results

    By 29 June 2011

    Recently passing the 1 billion user mark, Google has come a long way since it was first founded back in 1998 and has become a byword for internet searches. But, beyond chucking a couple of words into the main search box, do you really know how to get...

  • Best waterproof cameras

    Best waterproof cameras

    By 28 June 2011

    Most people take a camera on summer hols with them, but how many of them end up giving their snapper an accidental dunking in the hotel swimming pool? Quite a few, we'd wager. Sun, sand and surf is all very well, but it's even better if you can take your...

  • APP OF THE DAY: TomTom review (iPhone)

    APP OF THE DAY: TomTom review (iPhone)

    By 28 June 2011

    The majority of apps that we cover under on App of the Day are either free or cost just a couple of quid so it's not often that we get the chance to write about an app that will set you back nearly fifty notes. Priced at £49.99, TomTom's satnav app isn't...

  • HTC Evo 3D vs LG Optimus 3D

    HTC Evo 3D vs LG Optimus 3D

    By 28 June 2011

    HTC has already made the Evo 3D official at the CTIA mobile phone show in Florida and it's finally now hitting the shops in the UK as well as those across the Pond. The HTC Evo 3D is set to go head to head with LG's Optimus 3D, with both handsets offering...

  • Sony Walkman NWZ-B162
    4 out of 5

    Sony Walkman NWZ-B162

    By 24 June 2011

    With the whole tech world constantly banging on about the iPod, sometimes it's easy to forget that there are other big-name brands who also make portable music players. Sony has a long history in personal audio, and still uses the Walkman brand that it...

  • Lomography LC-Wide
    4 out of 5

    Lomography LC-Wide

    By 21 June 2011

    Analogue camera specialist Lomography recently expanded its classic LC-A lineup when it unveiled the LC-Wide, featuring a new wide angle lens and a choice of picture formats. The original LC-A was first manufactured 27 years ago and was then replaced...

  • Lomography La Sardina hands-on

    Lomography La Sardina hands-on

    By 16 June 2011

    The Lomography La Sardina is the latest camera to join the lineup from the analogue specialist, and is shaped like a sardine tin. Yes, a sardine tin. We were invited along to Lomo HQ for a sneaky peek at the new model. Along with comically distinctive...

  • Lomography LomoLab officially launches

    Lomography LomoLab officially launches

    By 15 June 2011

    Analogue camera brand Lomography is now offering the LomoLab  remote processing service to all UK customers. The new service, which was exclusively revealed to Pocket-lint back in February 2011, is now live, having been in beta-testing mode since March....

  • PlayStation Vita - all the launch games

    PlayStation Vita - all the launch games

    By 15 June 2011

    The long-awaited Sony PlayStation Vita, originally codenamed Sony NGP, will hit the shops by the end of the year. Great. So, what will you be able to play on it? The follow up to Sony's PSP, the PS Vita will use NVG cards - a new kind of flash card format...

  • APP OF THE DAY: GQ Magazine UK review (iPad)

    APP OF THE DAY: GQ Magazine UK review (iPad)

    By 14 June 2011

    As we reported earlier, the newly launched UK iPad edition of men's lifestyle magazine GQ is expected to be free for subscribers of the print version. Publisher Conde Nast is currently working on an agreement with Apple and Adobe and although details...

  • Philips Fidelio DS3020
    4 out of 5

    Philips Fidelio DS3020

    By 14 June 2011

    As Apple continues to sell millions of iPods and iPhones, the market for accessories just keeps on getting bigger and one of the the most popular add-on products around is the speaker docking station. The wide selection on offer ranges from cheap and...

  • Cool tips for Lomo users

    Cool tips for Lomo users

    By 13 June 2011

    Fancy dousing your film in bleach? Or maybe sticking sweet wrappers across your lens? Then go right ahead. Lomo photography is all about being creative and the good news is that if you mess it up and your shots don't turn out how you intended you can...

  • Best Les Paul Google doodle tunes

    Best Les Paul Google doodle tunes

    By 13 June 2011

    Google recently added to its growing library of doodles with perhaps the coolest one yet, in the form of a playable guitar to celebrate the 96th birthday of musical pioneer Les Paul. Quicker than a flash, Google users from all over the world quickly began...

  • Panasonic unveils LUMIX GF3 camera

    Panasonic unveils LUMIX GF3 camera

    By 13 June 2011

    Hot on the heels of the LUMIX GF2 launching just over six months ago, Panasonic has introduced its smallest and lightest interchangable lens camera system yet - the LUMIX GF3. The company has also added the Leica-branded DG Summilux f1.4 fixed lens to...

  • First Look: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3
    4 out of 5

    First Look: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3

    By 13 June 2011

    Panasonic has unveiled its smallest and lightest interchangable lens system camera in the form of the Lumix GF3 and we were invited along for a sneak preview. The brand's existing Micro Four Thirds camera - the GF2 -  was only introduced just over 6...

  • UK GQ subscribers to get iPad version for free

    UK GQ subscribers to get iPad version for free

    By 10 June 2011

    Men's lifestyle magazine GQ has launched a UK iPad edition which is expected to eventually be free to access for subcribers of the print version. Although a subscription package for the UK has yet to be decided, a spokesperson from Conde Nast told us...

  • Sony PlayStation Vita vs Nintendo 3DS

    Sony PlayStation Vita vs Nintendo 3DS

    By 9 June 2011

    After announcing the Sony NGP in January 2011, Sony has finally confirmed that its next-generation handheld console will be known as the PlayStation Vita. Officialy unveiled at the E3 gaming show in LA, the Vita sports a 5-inch OLED touchscreen and there...

  • Canon Legria HF M41
    4 out of 5

    Canon Legria HF M41

    By 8 June 2011

    The Canon LEGRIA HF M41 makes up one third of the brand's M-Series camcorder lineup, along with the cheaper HF M46 and the HF M406. What the HF M41 has over its siblings is its larger 32GB memory, along with a viewfinder and an external microphone input....

  • Samsung Solid Immerse GT-B2710
    3.5 out of 5

    Samsung Solid Immerse GT-B2710

    By 1 June 2011

    Samsung has been been very busy lately, mainly launching its slick Galaxy S II smartphone - which was met with lots of praise. But, as well as top-tier smartphones, the brand also offers a comprehensive range of mobiles for all wallets, including budget...

  • Wimbledon 2011 - why tennis is going 3D

    Wimbledon 2011 - why tennis is going 3D

    By 1 June 2011

    Sony recently announced that it would film the Wimbledon finals in 3D for the very first time. But, what does it take to take the world's most revered tennis tournament into the next dimension? And where can we watch it? Pocket-lint was invited along...

  • Hannspree HANNSpad
    3 out of 5

    Hannspree HANNSpad

    By 27 May 2011

    Tablets may be the gadget of the moment, but their relatively high prices still put them out of reach for many tech fans who simply can't spare the funds for what is, essentially, a toy for grown-ups. Even those that turn their noses up at Apple products...

  • APP OF THE DAY: NHS Direct (Android)

    APP OF THE DAY: NHS Direct (Android)

    By 26 May 2011

    We've covered all sorts of things as part of our daily app series, including the good, the bad and the utterly ridiculous. However, sometimes we like to offer something a little more serious and today's app is one that could make a real difference to...