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  • Impossible Project Instant Lab Universal review: Make Polaroid-style prints from your phone snaps
    4 out of 5

    Impossible Project Instant Lab Universal review: Make Polaroid-style prints from your phone snaps

    By 25 March 2015

    The first thing you need to know about the Impossible Project Instant Lab Universal is that it produces Polaroid-style photos from your smartphone snaps. The second thing you need to know is that it's a camera, not a printer. Unlike the rather disappointing...

  • What is 4G?

    What is 4G?

    By 21 August 2012

    You've probably heard the term 4G thrown casually into conversation by mobile phone aficionados, but what does it actually mean? In simple terms, 4G refers to the fourth generation of wireless technology networks and follows on from 2G and 3G. While 1G...

  • Best Android productivity apps

    Best Android productivity apps

    By 27 April 2012

    Productivity apps form the core of every smartphone experience. They are the reason that most of us invest in one, along with mapping and music. The useful apps available  are numbered in the hundreds, but these are the ones we think every mobile should...

  • Best iPhone apps for reference and learning

    Best iPhone apps for reference and learning

    By 2 February 2012

    The iPhone is a hugely powerful reference tool. Like having a portable library stuck in your pocket, you can find an answer to pretty much any question instantly. Sure it might not always be correct, but there is an armada of info buried at your fingertips. ...

  • Best iPhone cooking apps

    Best iPhone cooking apps

    By 25 January 2012

    Being a decent cook is no easy task. In the old days few worried about what they put on the table, be it gruel of pigeon brains, the family would eat it. Now thanks to the like of Jamie Oliver and his merry brigade of tv chefs, no food is acceptable if...

  • Best iPhone music apps

    Best iPhone music apps

    By 2 January 2012

    Take one iPhone, add a decent data connection, a pair of headphones that didn't come free in the box and all you need to bring yourself 24/7 music wherever you go is a well chosen set of apps and services. As ever, this is where we come in at Pocket-lint...

  • Best iPad reading apps

    Best iPad reading apps

    By 21 December 2011

    At launch, the iPad was pegged as the future means of content consumption for all magazines and newspapers. Now this might not have come completely true, but there is definitely a lot available to read on it.  Its 9.7-inch IPS display is perfectly suited...

  • Best iPad photography apps

    Best iPad photography apps

    By 19 December 2011

    The iPad 2 lured many punters in with its front and back facing cameras. Sure a tablet isn't the first thing you think of when it comes to photography but actually that giant screen makes an excellent viewfinder.  All that space meant more of a play...

  • Best iPhone photography apps

    Best iPhone photography apps

    By 15 December 2011

    Cast your mind back to the first camera phone you had - rubbish, wasn't it? Thankfully technology has moved on since then, and the cameras on our phones are actually decent enough to take usable snaps with. And with the increasing number of people now...

  • Lomography LomoKino pictures and hands-on

    Lomography LomoKino pictures and hands-on

    By 3 November 2011

    Analogue camera specialist Lomography has unveiled its very first movie camera, the LomoKino, and we were invited along to Lomo HQ for a top secret preview prior to the official launch. As we'd already received an invite to the launch event in the form...

  • How the iPad is changing the face of music

    How the iPad is changing the face of music

    By 12 September 2011

    Android may be catching up fast, but it was the iPad that made the tablet a must-have piece of kit for any self-respecting gadget aficionado. For the while, at least, the iPad continues to lead the charge and, though its games, web browsing and playing...

  • 7 Days living with ... film photography

    7 Days living with ... film photography

    By 29 August 2011

    Almost everyone on Team Pocket-lint is a camera nut of some description but out of all of us with our various bits of high tech snapping kit, I've also got quite a strong collection of Lomo cameras. The question is though, is film still relevant beyond...

  • Philips O'Neill The Stretch SHO9565BK
    4 out of 5

    Philips O'Neill The Stretch SHO9565BK

    By 24 August 2011

    We reviewed Philips' previous colloboration with surf brand O'Neill last year, giving the first version of The Stretch headphones a well-deserved four our of five stars. When we heard that there was a new version in town, once again featuring the handy...

  • Electrolux Design Labs 2011 finalists

    Electrolux Design Labs 2011 finalists

    By 23 August 2011

    If you want to know what the home gadgets of the future might look like, then you should take a peek at the Electrolux Design Labs 2011 finalists' designs, currently on show at John Lewis in Oxford Street, London.  This global design competition was...

  • Orbitsound T12v3
    4 out of 5

    Orbitsound T12v3

    By 23 August 2011

    Not to be confused with the upcoming T14 soundbar with separate iPod dock and wireless subwoofer, which Orbitsound debuted at CES in January 2010, the Orbitsound T12v3 is the third version of the maker's T12 model. Boasting the same spatial sound technology...

  • Orbitsound launches T12v3 soundbar

    Orbitsound launches T12v3 soundbar

    By 23 August 2011

    The Orbitsound T12v3 soundbar is the third version of the the British audio specialist's popular iPod-friendly T12 TV speaker and features new drivers along with improved bass response. We were invited along for a sneak preview, as well as being given...

  • APP OF THE DAY - The Warhol: D.I.Y. POP (iPhone)

    APP OF THE DAY - The Warhol: D.I.Y. POP (iPhone)

    By 17 August 2011

    We've featured plenty of camera apps in App of the Day and we've even put together fully-fledged camera app round-ups for the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7. We've covered everything from an app that renders your subject in lego bricks, to retro...

  • Best iPad apps for musicians

    Best iPad apps for musicians

    By 16 August 2011

    The iPad's big, friendly screen and instantaneous swipe control, not to mention its portability, make it an excellent tool for musicians, whether that's for laying down and mixing tracks, tuning a guitar or simply horsing around on a set of virtual bongos....

  • Google acquires Motorola: Industry reaction

    Google acquires Motorola: Industry reaction

    By 15 August 2011

    It's all official - Google has acquired Motorola Mobility for the sum of $12.5 billion. On what we thought would be a slow news day, the internet bohemoth unveiled the acquisition of Motorola's phone and tablet arm in a deal that it says will "supercharge"...

  • Philips Fidelio DS7700
    4 out of 5

    Philips Fidelio DS7700

    By 15 August 2011

    We've seen plenty of iPod speakers at Pocket-lint towers from affordable products like the Memorex PurePlay through to high-end speakers like the B&W Zeppelin Air, but we're gradually starting to see more iPad docks emerging as well. Designed specifically...

  • Proporta unveils future iPhone case designs

    Proporta unveils future iPhone case designs

    By 12 August 2011

    Accessory brand Proporta has unveiled designs for its next generation of iPhone cases and we were able to take a sneak peek. Although the products that we were shown are made to fit the iPhone 4, these won't actually be released for the current model....

  • Best celebrity gadgets

    Best celebrity gadgets

    By 10 August 2011

    Celebrities have been endorsing products for years, including everything from Ronald Reagan appearing in Chesterfield cigarette ads (during his acting years, not his presidential terms), through to Kate Moss flogging mascara. But simply appearing in...

  • Pure Evoke Mio by Orla Kiely hands-on

    Pure Evoke Mio by Orla Kiely hands-on

    By 9 August 2011

    Following the success of DAB specialist Pure's first collaboration with renowned designer Orla Kiely, the maker has introduced a further update of the Evoke Mio radio featuring a new print, and we were invited along to the designer's flagship store...

  • Best gadgets for kids

    Best gadgets for kids

    By 9 August 2011

    While children growing up 50 years ago might have been happy with a set of Bayko, a spinning top or a hobby horse; the kids of today are almost as savvy as adults when it comes to gadgets which is only too evident the moment they get hold of an iPad or...

  • Lomography La Sardina
    4 out of 5

    Lomography La Sardina

    By 5 August 2011

    When Lomography sent us a tin of sardines in the post with a message attached inviting us along to a sneak preview of its new camera, we were expecting some sort of waterproof model or perhaps even a fisheye snapper. The clue was in fact much more literal...