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  • Doom III to be a small-screen summer blockbuster

    Doom III to be a small-screen summer blockbuster

    By 17 June 2004

    UPDATE:Since the weekend details have emerged regard Doom III's release- in a reversal of the staggered release dates of, for example, the Lord Of The Rings movies on DVD, the August release is to be a special edition. Contents are rumoured to be a Doom...

  • redesigns, offers larger storage

    By 15 June 2004

    We knew that a counter-offering to Google's Gmail service offering a minimum of a gigabyte was due in summer. Users who paid to expand their mailboxes received a pleasant announcement in the last 24 hours from Yahoo - If you had a 25Mb mailbox before,...

  • Power Translator Pro 8 - PC
    3.5 out of 5

    Power Translator Pro 8 - PC

    By 14 June 2004

    Power Translator Pro 8 boasts that it will deliver all of your translation needs, back and forth, between English and six other languages (French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Russian). There are also four separate “Vocabulary Block dictionaries”...

  • Sennheiser PC 155 USB
    4.5 out of 5

    Sennheiser PC 155 USB

    By 10 June 2004

    The PC 155s currently sit at the top of the tree in Sennheiser’s PC headset range but there’s been no skimping on sound quality in comparison with its usual mid-to-high-end hi-fi sets. For £90, there’d better not be - but the company has looked...

  • Perimeter - PC
    4 out of 5

    Perimeter - PC

    By 26 May 2004

    Every so often in the Real Time Strategy Genre, a game other than the Command and Conquer Series moves gameplay and presentation up a notch. In the late 1990s it was the Total Annihilation and the Warcraft series, and although Warzone 2100 flopped, it...

  • Audio-Technica iCool ATC-H5 Headphones
    4 out of 5

    Audio-Technica iCool ATC-H5 Headphones

    By 18 May 2004

    Look at the design and it’s easy to tell that the late great iMac has stamped its identity all over the design of these headphones - including its name. It also extends to the cable, which is sealed in clear moulded green and red plastic. The copper...

  • E3: SCI moves the Conflict back to Vietnam

    By 13 May 2004

    Last Autumn SCI rewarded the fans of the bestselling Conflict: Desert Storm with a sequel. The next game, like many other developers, opens up a new front and franchise in the shape of Conflict: Vietnam. It's early from the announcement but the four-man...

  • E3: Doom III to be a small-screen summer blockbuster

    By 13 May 2004

    The conventional wisdom is that no-one wants to play games in summer, so for years the industry created a self-imposed release drought from the end of June up to the August Bank Holiday. In the case of Tron 2.0, the delay went on for a whole extra month...

  • E3: Valve returns to The Source of its success for HL remake

    By 13 May 2004

    Valve is full of surprises, and thanks to the theft of Half-Life 2 source code, not all of them are of its own making. However it was certainly a surprise to hear that the original Half Life, probably now past its third million in sales thanks to the...

  • E3: No H.A.R.M. in a little F.E.A.R. from Monolith

    By 13 May 2004

    A single screenshot (see right) made up of shattered glass and gunfire spraying everywhere raised much speculation as the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) progressed this week. However the formal announcement arrived that the game is not the second...

  • Sennheiser Master HD 200
    3.5 out of 5

    Sennheiser Master HD 200

    By 13 May 2004

    The packaging for these closed-back headphones features someone DJ-ing which should tell you the primary market at which these cans are aimed. In spite of the rugged and rigid plastic exterior the HD 200s feature Sennheiser's usual high build quality....

  • 3.5 out of 5

    Iomega Super DVD Writer USB2

    By 4 May 2004

    Iomega has a habit of launching new formats of its own before taking a while to catch up with what’s popular, open-ended and widely used. This is the case with its Super DVD range. However by including DVD-RAM support, Iomega keeps one eye out for the...

  • Microsoft and ZoneLabs in same-day update

    By 14 April 2004

    Some of the oldest security flaws in Windows- up to seven months old- were patched in a sweeping Easter bulletin from Microsoft, culminating in a set of 20 Windows updates measuring just under four megabytes. Sadly the weight of worldwide traffic logging...

  • Labtec Stereo 332
    4 out of 5

    Labtec Stereo 332

    By 7 April 2004

    So many of the headsets we review are sexy, snazzy, offer wireless communication and promise infinite wonders. This headset has the good looks but steadfastly clings to its cable. Even so, that doesn't stop it being one of the best basic sets we've encountered...

  • Google searches and finds "Gmail" email service

    By 1 April 2004

    Google is launching GMail later this year, and the monolithic search engine kings, cash-rich and looking for other revenue streams, seem to be following the Yahoo! road and choosing Email as its next venture. The difference is, they have no plans to charge...

  • Far Cry - PC
    4.5 out of 5

    Far Cry - PC

    By 27 March 2004

    It began life as X-Isle, a tech demo for showing off Nvidia’s graphics cards but then someone saw the potential for a game among all the dinosaur dodging. Three years later, developer Crytek Studios realises its dream with Far Cry (FC), which delivers...

  • Proline DM1945MP3  portable CD/MP3 player
    4.5 out of 5

    Proline DM1945MP3 portable CD/MP3 player

    By 17 February 2004

    If this looks familiar it's because of heavy TV promotion by its seller, Comet. Its £30 RRP is standard, not just for seasonal sales. When we saw the advertisement, an effective MP3 player for the price of three chart CDs we doubted it was true, so we...

  • Hidden and Dangerous 2 - PC
    3.5 out of 5

    Hidden and Dangerous 2 - PC

    By 16 December 2003

    After making the Deluxe (=patched-up) original instalment abandonware to download, fans sent this game to the top of the charts on release. Now the second one is here and that blind faith is sadly only partially justified by the standard of the end product....

  • Halo: Combat Evolved - PC
    4 out of 5

    Halo: Combat Evolved - PC

    By 16 December 2003

    We were going to write you a long intro describing Halo, but Microsoft's publicity machine has been in overdrive. You'd have needed to live on the moon to not know about the game for which Microsoft snapped up developer Bungie Studios, in order to launch...

  • Alien vs Predator Gold - PC
    3.5 out of 5

    Alien vs Predator Gold - PC

    By 15 December 2003

    Aliens Vs Predator (AVP) threw you into the world of the classic 20th Century Fox sci-fi horror films and the Dark Horse comic spin-off. A year after its first release it's been repackaged with two new weapons for the Marine, nine new multiplayer maps...

  • LinkSys WRT54G WireLess-G Broadband Router and WMP54G PCI network card
    3.5 out of 5

    LinkSys WRT54G WireLess-G Broadband Router and WMP54G PCI network card

    By 9 December 2003

    Any cynic who dismissed wireless communication needs to update their opinion. A few years on with competing standards absorbed into two main players, it's solid, established and here to stay. The hardware necessary for virtually wiring up the home has...

  • HP IPAQ H5550
    4 out of 5

    HP IPAQ H5550

    By 9 December 2003

    What price would you put on a product working first time from setup to switch-on, and its drivers not interfering with your PC's normal operation? For the flagship PDA in HP's iPAQ Range, it's around £450 (online/street price). It's a lavish package...

  • HP IPAQ 2210
    4.5 out of 5

    HP IPAQ 2210

    By 9 December 2003

    HP's pre-Compaq takeover range of PDAs was led by the Jornada, placed carefully in a Bond film in 1999. While the top of the range iPAQ 5550 also looks like it could defuse a bomb, the 2210 favours gadget fans on a budget and doesn't lose too much from...

  • Norton Internet Security 2004
    3.5 out of 5

    Norton Internet Security 2004

    By 9 December 2003

    It's the end of the year and that retail-friendly yellow box is pointlessly large. Yes it's Symantec Suite update time again. However some standards are maintained by the company; the 220 page manual is all English and a glossary at the back of the book...

  • Norton Ghost 2003
    4 out of 5

    Norton Ghost 2003

    By 11 November 2003

    Backup is long-winded, time-consuming and boring. That’s why many people risk their personal and even small business data by failing to do it and let’s face it, the design of many backup programs hasn’t helped, especially the ones shipped with the...