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  • Apple iTunes Europe reaches 50 million downloads

    By 24 June 2005

    For a website set up only a year ago, it was only a matter of time before iTunes outside of America would reach a significant milestone, but 50million legally downloaded bought and paid for tunes is definitely worth shouting about for Apple, which has...

  • Microsoft creates Fortress Hotmail with Sender ID Anti Spam

    By 24 June 2005

    Nobody's going to complain about their mailboxes being made 200 times larger, as Microsoft did at the end of last year, and Hotmail is known for its ruthlessness about spam, keeping its 24-hour deletion of junk and image blocks in place from when everyone's...

  • Microsoft's torrent of bits in a week of announcements

    By 24 June 2005

    It's been another big week for Microsoft, although now we're at the end of it, you'd have been forgiven for thinking the Redmond giant had plans to annoy as many users as possible. Firstly there was the reaction to the Javascript spoofing flaw - and Microsoft...

  • Yahoo shuts DIY Chatrooms over child soliciting row

    By 24 June 2005

    A year ago, when Microsoft closed down moderated chatrooms related to MSN, the reaction was decidedly mixed. Hardly anyone showered them in praise for going out of their way to protect children, which was one reason stated by the Redmond giant. For Yahoo...

  • Firefox users still blocked by some sites

    By 24 June 2005

    In spite of the meteoric rise of Mozilla's Firefox (indeed your news is being brought to you with the browser) there are some sites which have designed and optimized around Internet Explorer and which doggedly refuse to allow anyone with Firefox, (or...

  • Legal Music Downloads on major rise

    By 23 June 2005

    It's good news for the music industry on both counts; big albums such as Coldplay's X&Y are reputedly flying off the shelves in spite of the weather, while on the computer screen more people are legally downloading than ever before - an increase of 75%,...

  • Opera 8.01 shows malicious Java site address - but still reveals data

    By 23 June 2005

    The makers of the Opera Browser can claim the first spoils on safety. We reported the doomsday scenario of every browser including new Netscape being vulnerable, as advised by Danish internet security watchers Secunia. See here Users who clicked on and...

  • AMD expands mobile lineup with Turion

    By 22 June 2005

    While we're still in transitional times where 32-bit software usage is by no means dead and gone just yet (though the big two chipmakers would love that). AMD needed an intermediate product below its mobile Athlon 64 to cut more friendly price points...

  • Motorola and DoCoMo mate 3G and Wi-Fi on newest handset

    By 22 June 2005

    Whether you change your phone once a month or every 5 years, everybody knows that having as many standards as possible on your handset gives the user better coverage for travel, and bigger sales to the manufacturer. That's partially the thinking behind...

  • Sony PSP sells 100,000 film UMDs pre-Euro launch

    By 22 June 2005

    It's a nice round figure which doesn't include Spider Man 2, bundled with the player in some territories. However, after all the dramas of meeting demand when supplying the snazzy new handheld, it's gratifying for Sony to hit a basic milestone and see...

  • Apple sued over iTunes interface

    By 21 June 2005

    Remember BT's attempt to claim ownership of the hyperlink? Well a similar “web-wide” method of software usage is the guiding light behind their cheeky lawsuit in which they alledge to have invented the “Computer Control System and User Interface...

  • Eidos' 25 to Life action game attracts banning call

    By 21 June 2005

    Eidos haven't had a great year and were saved by that much better performing UK Game developer on the stock market, SCI. The company already decided to take the long road to recovery by releasing another bug-ridden Championship Manager game, not a smart...

  • Spoof bugs for major browsers are no laughing matter

    By 21 June 2005

    Spoofing bugs seem to be the MRSA of browser flaws - none of them are safe from the latest hacking ability, not even the version 1.0.5 of Mozilla which is still in beta format. It doesn't help that two browsers had already been updated for other flaws...

  • HD DVD v Blu Ray war may not break out

    HD DVD v Blu Ray war may not break out

    By 21 June 2005

    Even if there were signs of renewed hope as the day went on, with potentially renewed negotiations mooted for as early as next week, the world needs to prepare for another format war about to break out, over the near-future optical storage formats - yet...

  • Netscape and Opera 8 both patched

    Netscape and Opera 8 both patched

    By 21 June 2005

    You would have been forgiven for thinking that Firefox was the only rival browser left, but the other two rivals to Microsoft IE, Opera and Netscape, released patches to their browsers, both standing on version 8. Netscape prevented Internet Explorer...

  • Up to 40 million credit cards hacked following Mastercard breach

    By 21 June 2005

    American company CardSystems Solutions shed light on a major breach of security last month by hackers. The company acts as a clearing house for the transactions from single merchants all the way up to big banks in Atlanta, Georgia. This left 14 million...

  • Google Wallet set to challenge PayPal outside auction space

    By 20 June 2005

    Whenever a company is either the market leader or extremely well known, it's human nature to knock them incessantly. Sometimes, that criticism is justified, at other times it's merely fashionable. However when online payment service PayPal, bought out...

  • Plantronics Audio 90 headset
    4.5 out of 5

    Plantronics Audio 90 headset

    By 10 June 2005

    We’ll let you into a little secret: I’ve been enjoying this headset too much to get round to reviewing it in its own right, although it was used for comparison purposes with Sennheiser’s PC 155 set (reviewed here) last year. Frankly, Plantronics’...

  • Act Of War - PC
    3.5 out of 5

    Act Of War - PC

    By 29 April 2005

    World domination or more of the same old RTS? We take a look at Atari’s Act of War to see whether it can break away from the mould and take over your life as you try and take over the world. Atari’s Act Of War boasts a storyline crafted by Dale Brown,...

  • Counter-Strike: Source
    4.5 out of 5

    Counter-Strike: Source

    By 1 April 2005

    Every single time I’ve sat down to write this review, I’ve always thought “best research it some more by playing a round or two”. It’s usually 2am by the time I’ve finished, and for the update, 4am. We also make no apologies for having taken...

  • 20 pirates walk the plank over 50,000 pounds BPI legal action

    By 5 March 2005

    The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) looked overseas to see what the RIAA were doing to combat illegal filesharing. When they saw teenagers being dragged through the courts to recover the “losses” generated from downloading, they decided to copy...

  • Netscape resurrected with v8 Beta

    By 5 March 2005

    It's something you thought you'd never see once AOL went back to using IE on its trial CDs. However, the development team continued working on v8 of Netscape while other Gecko-related browsers such as Firefox stole the limelight and press coverage and...

  • US$521million fine against Microsoft on hold- for now

    By 3 March 2005

    What's half a billion dollars between friends? Just as the European Commission slapped a fine of this magnitude on Microsoft for bundling in the last chance saloon - for a music player that most people know well enough not to use- The Redmond giant, hardly...

  • Skype now reaches wi-fi telephony rollout deal

    By 3 March 2005

    At the start of the week Skype organised a deal to offer SMS alongside its ever-spreading voice market. However the company had ever larger ideas in mind and has now gone after people away from their desktops, allowing anyone in range of 350 wireless...

  • Yahoo! turns 10 years old

    By 1 March 2005

    Update: For a retro look at Yahoo's first homepage, visit here. They're as old as the Pentium, but like every other website which becomes essential, Yahoo! came from humble beginnings and became the Google of its day, starting with just a search function....