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  • Sennheiser HD-201 headphones
    4.5 out of 5

    Sennheiser HD-201 headphones

    By 22 January 2006

    No, Pocket-Lint is not turning into the Sennheiser tribute site, the problem is that universal German rival Beyerdynamic has returned to the studio level of audio equipment, content to let Sennheiser carpet the portables market with the kind of spread...

  • Quake 4 - PC
    3.5 out of 5

    Quake 4 - PC

    By 9 December 2005

    One year after we reviewed Doom 3, Quake 4 has landed. It reintroduces us to the war with the Strogg race and you play Marine Matthew Kane once more, but adding the kind of storytelling and graphical improvements you’d expect for a gap of 8 years between...

  • Darwinia - PC
    4.5 out of 5

    Darwinia - PC

    By 4 November 2005

    We all lament the dearth of original games on the PC platform, especially now we’re in the season of sports games which are about to have another year tagged onto the end of their titles. Yet original games, when they arrive, are hardly given a second...

  • finishes the Global Challenge finishes the Global Challenge

    By 17 July 2005

    You've seen the reality TV documentary about Dame Ellen MacArthur's death-defying and record breaking sailing journeys. Over the past week our very own boss Stuart Miles did the same by joining the crew of a racing yacht, in the same time that there's...

  • Microsoft in Marvel Team-Up Featuring Xbox360

    By 15 July 2005

    The Makers of the Freedom Force games were zapped by legal action between the first and second games of the series, on account of too many people modding Marvel comic superheroes into the game to play. Seeing the opportunity and a market, In stepped Microsoft,...

  • MP3 hits tenth Anniversary

    By 15 July 2005

    Even though it doesn't quite have the same ring as Sony's Walkman turning 25, or the same social cachet as shelves bursting with CDs, 10 years ago today The Fraunhoefer Institute invented the MPEG 1 Layer 3 file format and the file suffix, MP3, became...

  • Celebrations continue for Apple's 6.3million iPod sales

    By 15 July 2005

    The media thought they needed David Beckham sporting the famous white headphones to hype the story, but Apple doesn't care who you are - there are now 6.2million iPods in the world, enough to populate a small city in anyone's country, and with satisfied...

  • New Sharp Aquos P50 TV claims picture as good as CRT

    By 14 July 2005

    It's unusual for many TV set manufacturers to give a toss about the PAL standard when NTSC would result in much increased sales, but Sharp has decided to try and head off importers with a LCD screen which tackles the extra visual dimensions offered by...

  • Orange lets users hear tunes on the bill with new handset

    By 14 July 2005

    "Orange SPV C550 Great for Music handset" is basically one of the longest and maybe silliest names we've heard for a mobile phone. It's good news then, that the SPV C550 is so music focussed at a time when Sony with its Ericsson partnership and the imminent...

  • Mozilla v1.0.5 arrives with fixes

    By 14 July 2005

    We reported on several high-profile bugs which affected all major browsers and not just Mozilla's last month, but the American English version of Firefox has been released in the last few days, fixing everything we reported on and more, and certainly...

  • Apple may go into mobile phones but extent stays unknown

    By 13 July 2005

    They established the portable music player as a modern style icon…after the other one, the iMac and its one stab at PDAs, the Newton. Then the Apple Airport allowed users to beam that music around. It's still a long stretch to imagine this would make...

  • HP launches new cartridge and paper packs for the summer

    By 12 July 2005

    Bolstering its four recently released new Photosmarts, HP has brought back its paper packs of varying sizes. Whereas the older variety were aimed at A4 portrait printers, HP is squarely targeting amateur photographers who just want to print nothing but...

  • Creative readies the Zen Vision

    Creative readies the Zen Vision

    By 12 July 2005

    In the middle of last month, Creative gave the first glimpse of the Zen Vision, a video-orientated portable media player as the name suggests. The early artists' impressions made the player look a little like a PSP without Sony's snazzy lines, but now...

  • Rockstar denies deliberate sex in San Andreas, unlocked by mod

    By 12 July 2005

    This time, Rockstar claims it isn't their fault that the controversy has rained down, as opposed to positively begging for it with Manhunt in summer 2004. A thirdparty mod(ification), known as Hot Coffee, will change some scenes in their latest million-selling...

  • HP launches four Photosmarts for summer

    By 1 July 2005

    Returning to its most well known market, four new HP Photosmart printers were launched today, the 335 and 385 being the biggest of the quartet although all four place the accent firmly on portability as well as quality. The HP Photosmart 335 Compact Photo...

  • Creative Readies the Zen Sleek

    Creative Readies the Zen Sleek

    By 30 June 2005

    200GBP will buy you Creative's latest and greatest Zen Sleek player, if you're not wedded to your iPod. The Zen Sleek sports a backlit Touch Pad control on a large blue backlit display (whatever the Sleek's bezel colour) which gives natural, one-handed...

  • Telewest launches Teleport TV, BBC Deal among content

    By 30 June 2005

    Telewest today announced a 20millionGBP investment in Teleport, an intended rival to the Sky Plus service with almost all the same advantages of being able to pause record and rewind live TV while watching from any part of the programme, not just the...

  • Phisherman jailed for 6 years for stealing 700,000GBP

    By 29 June 2005

    Douglas Havard, an American citizen based in Britain, was jailed for six years after raking in UK£700,000 through an internet phishing scam - though that's only the confirmed figure. His accomplice Lee Elwood received four years. The National High Tech...

  • BT and Microsoft strike broadband IPTV deal

    By 29 June 2005

    UK Monopoly telephone and ADSL internet provider, BT, faced with as many people switching phonelines away and staying away, as opposed to the magic million people who come back to them, struck a deal with the ever-busy Microsoft to create a new revenue...

  • Email Virus pretends to be Breaking News

    By 29 June 2005

    Kedebe-F is a name to get used to in future, and if you receive any emails detailing a plot to kill the Pope or Michael Jackson's death or any other types of news you never requested, then it's a worm. As reported by antivirus company Sophos, one message...

  • AMD sues Intel over alleged monopoly abuses

    By 28 June 2005

    ...Now here's a role reversal and a sign of AMD's continued success (ironically). Over at AMD's website the company has laid out its case for suing Intel in a suit files in Delaware but it boils down to Intel's general dominance of several markets across...

  • Music and Movie businesses win in US court battle vs ISPs

    Music and Movie businesses win in US court battle vs ISPs

    By 27 June 2005

    If you don't want to read through 55 pages, the short version is that as far as the US Supreme Court is concerned, in the case of the MGM against Grokster (on its second hearing following the p2p company's victory), network providers, whether local or...

  • Toshiba and Microsoft strike pact amid HD DVD v Blu Ray tussle

    By 27 June 2005

    UPDATED 29/6/05 - Microsoft hinted overnight that Xbox 360 may support the HD DVD format, or that in time a hybrid device in the style of Sony's limited edition hi-fi PS2, with Toshiba building the deck and the ability to play Xbox 360 games, was one...

  • AMD launches new Athlon 64 FX-57 Single Core chip

    By 27 June 2005

    Building on its ever-burgeoning sales and market profile and following the release of Turion for notebooks last week, AMD launched the FX 57 processor, aimed squarely at the hardcore overclocking and gaming market. Despite taking the name from an old...

  • Microsoft to integrate RSS into Longhorn

    By 24 June 2005

    Just when we thought Microsoft had finished making announcements in an already very busy week, the company then announced that Really Simple Syndication technology or RSS as we all know and love it, was going to be incorporated into next year's Longhorn...