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  • London is car crime capital

    London is car crime capital

    By 1 November 2007

    Three London districts have topped a poll that names and shames the worst areas in the country for car crime. The highest percentage of car crime was recorded in Hackney, followed by fellow London districts Clapham and Leyton, according to insurers Admiral....

  • Motor industry may get emissions reprieve

    Motor industry may get emissions reprieve

    By 30 October 2007

    The motor industry looks to have secured a reprieve from tough measures designed to rapidly reduce CO2 emissions. EU politicians have proposed a reduction to 125g/km by 2015. The European Commission is now set to be forced to water down its plan to introduce...

  • Crackdown on uninsured drivers

    Crackdown on uninsured drivers

    By 30 October 2007

    At any one time, one in 15 motorists on the road is uninsured, according to new Government figures. Two million vehicles in Britain do not carry insurance so new measures are being introduced to curb repeat offenders. From the start of 2008, insurance...

  • XC60 set for UK debut at MPH show

    XC60 set for UK debut at MPH show

    By 29 October 2007

    The Volvo XC60 concept, a crossover SUV, will make its UK debut at the MPH motor shows in London and Birmingham in November. Expected in UK showrooms early in 2009, the XC60 was first unveiled at the Detroit show in January. New design cues such as the...

  • WE57 HAM smashes registration plate record

    WE57 HAM smashes registration plate record

    By 29 October 2007

    West Ham has shot to the top of the premier league of personalised registration numbers when the licence plate WE57 HAM went for a record-breaking £57,000 at auction. A fierce bidding war raged at the DVLA personalised registrations sale in Essex as...

  • Honda's hybrid crusade

    Honda's hybrid crusade

    By 26 October 2007

    Honda has confirmed plans to put new green cars into production. The FCX hydrogen fuel cell concept car and a lightweight, hybrid sportscar will both be built – with a production version of the FCX making its debut as early as next month. Speaking today,...

  • Sales rise for most polluting cars

    Sales rise for most polluting cars

    By 26 October 2007

    Congestion charges and the recent tax increases on the most polluting vehicles have not deterred Londoners from investing in 4x4 vehicles. Sales of this vehicle type, often large family vehicles, were strongest in Greater London (up 9.4% compared to the...

  • Motorists set to make use of hard shoulder

    Motorists set to make use of hard shoulder

    By 25 October 2007

    Motorists could be allowed to drive on the hard shoulder of the M25 under a scheme being considered by the Government. Transport Secretary Ruth Kelly said that the emergency land could be used as an extra channel on motorways, including the M25, during...

  • Lexus shows possible RX replacement

    Lexus shows possible RX replacement

    By 21 October 2007

    Not satisfied with having the only hybrid SUV, Lexus will debut a new one at the Tokyo motor show next week. The LF-Xh has a V6 petrol engine and high-output electric motor hybrid system driving all four wheels. The chunky body with strong lines and defined...

  • New C5 on the way

    New C5 on the way

    By 18 October 2007

    What’s big, French, and useless? Obviously that could apply to many things including the front row that faced England in the Rugby World Cup semi-final, but it’s usually a description reserved for large salons built by Citroën. Longer and wider than...

  • Impreza comes out of the shadows

    Impreza comes out of the shadows

    By 17 October 2007

    Following a bizarre darkened image of the new Subaru Impreza WRX STi, released last month, the car has now been shown in its entirety. A shadowy image showing the barely visible top of the car was greeted by derision, with many assuming the final version...

  • Driving and smoking law confusion

    Driving and smoking law confusion

    By 17 October 2007

    New regulations on driving and smoking are not fully understood by the public and little effort is being made to comply with them, claims a new report. The law, in operation since July, requires that vehicles should be smoke free at all times if they...

  • Aston DBS is rear of the year

    Aston DBS is rear of the year

    By 12 October 2007

    The new Aston Martin DBS has been voted the car with the sexiest bottom. A crass survey to publicise the upcoming MPH '07 motor show has named James Bond's latest motor as the automotive rear of the year. Combined, more men and women plumped for the peachy...

  • Camera system "to revolutionise" parking

    Camera system "to revolutionise" parking

    By 12 October 2007

    Nissan is set to introduce the world’s first ever system offering the driver a bird’s eye real-time view of the vehicle and its surroundings. Debuting in the new Elgrand, scheduled for introduction at the end of this month, the cool kit will also...

  • Pivo 2 surfaces

    Pivo 2 surfaces

    By 8 October 2007

    This cute little number is the Pivo 2, an advanced electric concept car that will debut at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. Powered by advanced compact lithium-ion batteries and featuring a unique rotating cabin, Pivo 2 has no reverse gear and employs "drive...

  • Saloon M3 announced

    Saloon M3 announced

    By 8 October 2007

    Hot on the heels of the arrival of a new M3, BMW has announced details of the four-door M3 Saloon. While four generations of M3 have been built, this is only the second time an M3 Saloon has been offered. So what you get is scintillating performance for...

  • Mini Cooper D
    3 out of 5

    Mini Cooper D

    By 6 October 2007

    Let’s get something important out the way. The diesel Mini is no where near as good as the Cooper, S or even the One. But a small diesel will never (well maybe not never) be as good as a petrol equivalent so that’s not a fair comparison. Importantly,...

  • Fabia gets the mock 4x4 treatment

    Fabia gets the mock 4x4 treatment

    By 3 October 2007

    The Fabia Scout may not look like a concept but, unfortunately, it is. Yes, concepts are supposed to be sexy but some actually get made – and this is one you can guarantee won’t look much different when it rolls off the production line. Debuted this...

  • Mazda wows with Taiki

    Mazda wows with Taiki

    By 3 October 2007

    Mazda's latest aerodynamic concept car has been unveiled and, blimey, it’s amazing. The Taiki, shown in Yokohama, Japan ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show, it’s another one of Mazda’s concepts designed around some concept called "flow" which doesn’t...

  • Clio 197 Cup is on the way

    Clio 197 Cup is on the way

    By 29 September 2007

    Following in the footsteps of the awesome Clio II 172 Cup and the even awesomer 182 Cup, the Clio Renaultsport 197 Cup will be launched next month. Offering the same chassis set-up as the limited-edition 197 F1 Team R27 with its reduced ride height and...

  • Superfuels "don't equal super savings"

    Superfuels "don't equal super savings"

    By 29 September 2007

    Drivers who fill their cars with expensive "superfuels" and expect to see big economy gains should think again, according to a report by What Car? magazine. Real-world tests were carried out for What Car? by the AA’s former senior research engineer,...

  • Grand Cherokee gets special edition treatment

    Grand Cherokee gets special edition treatment

    By 26 September 2007

    Continuing the trend of car manufacturers attempting to garner credibility with affluent coolandthirtysomethings by partnering with clothing brands, Jeep has announced it’s teamed up with Snow+Rock. A new special edition Grand Cherokee, available for...

  • Parking tax set to bite commuters

    Parking tax set to bite commuters

    By 25 September 2007

    Commuters face a £350 tax on workplace parking spaces in an attempt to encourage them out of their cars and on to public transport. The tax is being planned as an alternative to congestion charging because it is thought to be much cheaper and easier...

  • Stiffer penalties for "forgetful" drivers

    Stiffer penalties for "forgetful" drivers

    By 24 September 2007

    Drivers who fail to disclose who was behind the wheel when caught speeding will now face stiffer penalties. Motorists convicted of failing to give information about the identity of a speeding driver will receive six penalty points instead of the previous...

  • Subaru's sneak peek at new WRX

    Subaru's sneak peek at new WRX

    By 24 September 2007

    Subaru has issued a teaser shot of its eagerly anticipated Impreza WRX STI. Debuting at the Tokyo Motor Show a month from now, the car looks substantially different from the current WRX even in the dimly lit shot. Technical details are still under wraps...