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  • APP OF THE DAY: Lux review (Android)

    APP OF THE DAY: Lux review (Android)

    By 15 February 2013

    You know your phone has that auto brightness setting? Well, what's the betting you're not happy with it, and most of the time your phone is too bright indoors and too dark outdoors? The idea of Lux is to stop that silliness and give you a proper level...

  • Sony PS3 slim
    4.5 out of 5

    Sony PS3 slim

    By 15 February 2013

    The PS3 is dead, long live the PS4. Except the PS3 is so far from dead it's almost ridiculous. For one thing, there is a persistent rumour that when the PS4 launches, it will not be backwards compatible with PS3 games. That's not a hardship for most,...

  • Ultimate Ears 6000 headphones
    4.5 out of 5

    Ultimate Ears 6000 headphones

    By 14 February 2013

    If you're electronic music fan, then we think the Ultimate Ears 6000s might be right up your street. These noise-cancelling headphones are designed to give their owner sound that's free of external interference from jet engines, trains or other sorts...

  • Asus VivoTab Smart
    4 out of 5

    Asus VivoTab Smart

    By 13 February 2013

    The Asus VivoTab Smart is certainly an interesting idea. Boiled down to basics, it's a Windows 8 tablet compressed into the sort of design you'd expect for a Windows RT tablet. That means it's small and light, and will be the ideal device for you to carry...

  • APP OF THE DAY: Wind-up Knight review (Android)

    APP OF THE DAY: Wind-up Knight review (Android)

    By 8 February 2013

    There's only a couple of controls, you think. How hard can it be, you question. The answer is, very hard indeed, so forget about the apparent simplicity of Wind-up Knight, because it's all superficial - this is the hardest game of all time. Okay, it isn't,...

  • Dali Epicon 2 bookshelf speakers
    4.5 out of 5

    Dali Epicon 2 bookshelf speakers

    By 8 February 2013

    We wouldn't want to be the person at Dali in charge of re-calling review stock. It must yield a fair number of snarling "Fine, take them then" calls and a decent number of "Prise them out of my cold, dead hands" type emails. From a review perspective,...

  • Nokia Lumia 620
    5 out of 5

    Nokia Lumia 620

    By 7 February 2013

    Nokia made some nice high-end phones in years gone by, like, for example, the N95. But Nokia was never really about those phones, it was about affordable, reliable phones that everyone wanted to own, and that everyone could afford. There's not always...

  • Advertising nearly killed TV drama, now Netflix will save it

    Advertising nearly killed TV drama, now Netflix will save it

    By 5 February 2013

    Netflix's goal is "is to become HBO faster than HBO can become us",  Ted Sarandos, Netflix's chief content officer, told GQ in an interview recently. House of Cards is, if you like, the first time it's really showed its hand. At the moment, it looks...

  • Sony Xperia Tablet S
    4 out of 5

    Sony Xperia Tablet S

    By 4 February 2013

    Sony came late to the tablet game, and when it did finally rock up with the Tablet P and S, it was hardly playing its A game. So now we have the Xperia Tablet S in our hands the question is obviously, has Sony addressed the issues, and is this a device...

  • APP OF THE DAY: BubbleUPnP review (Android)

    APP OF THE DAY: BubbleUPnP review (Android)

    By 1 February 2013

    DLNA is something of a mixed bag, built from a great idea it was the implementation of it in the early days that put many off. It was designed as a standardised way of moving media around your home, from Blu-ray player to phone, or PVR to TV. In practice,...

  • Onkyo CR-N755
    5 out of 5

    Onkyo CR-N755

    By 31 January 2013

    For most people the hi-fi is dead. The days of needing two large speakers and a central unit to play music died when we switched to MP3s and AAC audio tracks from the likes of the iTunes store, or Amazon MP3. It wasn't that people didn't want CDs anymore,...

  • What is HEVC and h.265? The future of 1080p movie streaming explained

    What is HEVC and h.265? The future of 1080p movie streaming explained

    By 29 January 2013

    Video compression is essential for home entertainment. Without it, we'd be stuck in a world with just a few dozen TV channels. Since digital was first introduced in the UK, we've had compressed TV - it's a really great way of getting a lot more out of...

  • APP OF THE DAY: Rise of the Blobs review (Android)

    APP OF THE DAY: Rise of the Blobs review (Android)

    By 25 January 2013

    Rise of the Blobs is a little bit like Fruit Ninja meets Tetris. The story is a little confusing, in that somehow some blobs have arrived on earth and are threatening to kill us all us unless we cover them in fruit and make them explode. Rise of the Blobs...

  • Popcorn Hour A-400 pictures and hands-on

    Popcorn Hour A-400 pictures and hands-on

    By 25 January 2013

    By way of an introduction, if you haven't heard of it before the Popcorn Hour range of media streamers aims to offer a way of playing back pretty much any kind of video and audio. When Syabas started making the A100 - the first-generation device - there...

  • Hands-on: SimCity review

    Hands-on: SimCity review

    By 25 January 2013

    SimCity 2000 is one of the best games of all time. You might disagree, but if you do, then, well, you're wrong. The sim-plicity of the concept didn't stop it from being an amazing game. The hours you could happily sit in front of it were staggering. Back...

  • Microsoft LifeCam Studio
    4 out of 5

    Microsoft LifeCam Studio

    By 24 January 2013

    A 1080p webcam sounds a little ridiculous doesn't it. But of course, webcams aren't just for video calls, they're for recording your thoughts to YouTube, presenting a video podcast or lip-syncing to Carly Rae Jepsen. They are, in fact, cheap camcorders...

  • Logitech T650 wireless touchpad
    3.5 out of 5

    Logitech T650 wireless touchpad

    By 23 January 2013

    Windows 8 brought with it a quite specific problem - be it real or imagined - namely, that it was created for touch interaction. So the Logitech T650 was designed to bring touch to the millions upon millions of computers in the world that have no touch...

  • Logitech C270 webcam
    3 out of 5

    Logitech C270 webcam

    By 23 January 2013

    Those of us in our thirties, and older, will remember how much it used to cost to buy something that could make video. And of course, those same people remember how hard it was to handle, edit and share that video. Now, for less than £20 you can have...

  • Nikon Image Space photo hosting site launches 28 January

    Nikon Image Space photo hosting site launches 28 January

    By 22 January 2013

    Nikon has announced that will launch its new online photo-sharing service on 28 January. Called Nikon Image Space, the service will take over from "my Picturetown" which the camera company launched in 2007 and which, it says, has been "very popular"....

  • Blue Microphones Tiki USB
    4 out of 5

    Blue Microphones Tiki USB

    By 22 January 2013

    Everything about the Tiki is interesting. It's got an interesting name - a Tiki is Polynesian wood carving, and a Māori word for the first man. It looks interesting, a little bit like some sort of high-tech snail, and most importantly it aims to liven...

  • HTC Sense 5 screenshots leak

    HTC Sense 5 screenshots leak

    By 22 January 2013

    HTC's Sense user interface has always been one of the more beautiful overlays available on Android phones, and now it seems that the company is reducing the clutter and making them even more stylish. In the screenshots we've seen from XDA Developers and...

  • Logitech TV Cam HD
    4.5 out of 5

    Logitech TV Cam HD

    By 21 January 2013

    Since the telephone first rose to prominence there has been chatter about the video phone. BT tried it years ago before there was even broadband - and before there was even ISDN - and it was always a flop. But it didn't fail because people didn't want...

  • US communications chief wants gigabit broadband in every state by 2015

    US communications chief wants gigabit broadband in every state by 2015

    By 18 January 2013

    Julius Genachoski, chairman of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), wants to bring faster internet to the US by challenging all 50 states to have gigabit internet by 2015, following Google's Fiber project in Kansas City. Gigabit internet...

  • APP OF THE DAY: Airdroid review (Android)

    APP OF THE DAY: Airdroid review (Android)

    By 18 January 2013

    Phones are all well and good, but odds are, you've occasionally been sitting at your desk thinking: "I need to send a text message, but I really can't be bothered to type on that daft touchscreen when I'm sitting in front of a proper keyboard." What you...

  • Focal Spirit One headphones
    4 out of 5

    Focal Spirit One headphones

    By 18 January 2013

    The rush to sell you headphones pushes on unabated. The thinking seems to be: for the time being people are prepared to spend £200 on headphones, it won't last forever, so let's make some money. And when there's demand, you'd be crazy not to try to satisfy...