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  • Now where did I put that baby?

    By 22 February 2006

    Another piece of over-proctectionism or a really good idea? Baby Alert, a US-based company, has designed a local area tracking system for your children. Just attach one part of the device to a buggy or car seat and the other to your keyring. Then if you...

  • Never ending nappy mountains

    By 21 February 2006

    Over the last few days the papers have widely reported on the growing nappy mountain filling landfill sites around the country. Apparently 4% of landfill is made up of disposable nappies - quite a horrific thought. In an attempt to deal with the mountain,...

  • How much is that baby in the window?

    By 16 February 2006

    It's a horrific figure and one that will make the blood drain from many a parents face - the cost of bringing up just one child. In a survey commissioned by Maestro UK and Family circle it was found that, on average, parents are spending £43,056 to take...

  • At last! A use for video calling

    By 13 February 2006

    I've had an Eureka moment. I've finally found a valid reason to use the video calling functionality on my 3G mobile phone. In fact, the idea has taken hold to such an extent that I'm going out to get my wife one tomorrow. Video calling still isn't used...

  • Father knows best?

    By 12 February 2006

    Over recent weeks many people have been attempting to pass on advice on all manner of subjects - labour pain relief, childcare, breast or bottle etc. Much of it has been from friends and relatives. The older the advisor the more the advice takes the form...

  • More sugar anyone?

    By 9 February 2006

    I've been told today that the sprog now weighs roughly 500g - that's around half a bag of sugar. It's also nearly 32cm's long. The stats are impressive, but it's got me thinking that maybe I should be a little more supportive of my partner. After all,...

  • Above and beyond...

    By 8 February 2006

    This is my idea of hell. Totally above and beyond the call of duty. I would rather lick the kitchen floor clean than attend a exhibition designed for hormonal pregnant women. So, as an early warning for all you future fathers out there, here's a link...

  • Is yours a Supermodel?

    By 7 February 2006

    Is your child the next Brad Pitt, or maybe they're an aspiring Claudia Schiffer? Most parents think their child is the most beautiful in the world - a highly subjective opinion that Calpol are evidently trying to define. They're looking for such 'star...

  • Civic Pride is just a certificate away

    By 6 February 2006

    How do you encourage civic pride in a baby? Apparently, according to a report on the BBC website, you give them a certificate. Now, I've heard of some hair brained schemes, especially when local councils are involved, but this really takes the biscuit....

  • Avoiding sicky shoulder syndrome

    By 1 February 2006

    We're currently indulging in our last skiing holiday for a couple of years, at least until the sprog gets big enough to don its own ski's and join us. Over an apres ski dinner one evening our party started talking of the 'unpleasantness' of having a small...

  • Become De Niro in Meet the Fockers with your own set of mannary glands

    By 25 January 2006

    One of my lasting images from watching Meet the Fockers was the sight of Robert De Niro in his mannary gland get-up. The comedic value was such that I reckoned that no one in their right mind would try an emulate the absurdity of it. How wrong I was....

  • Iso in a Fix

    By 25 January 2006

    Isofix. A word bandied around willy-nilly in the world of child car seats. It's the closest I've come to hi-tech in the last few days anyway. Basically it's an industry standard, agreed by the car manufacturers, which ensures that the car seat is linked...

  • Buggy Envy

    By 24 January 2006

    Stuart's just come back from buying the iconic Bugaboo Cameleon. I'm not envious in the slightest especially since I know he'll have bought it in lurid pink. I'll let him give you the run down on this sleek and sophisticated bit of kit. I, on the other...

  • Am I ready to be a Dad?

    By 24 January 2006

    Hello, I'm the other half. When I discovered I was to be a dad for the first time it was with very mixed emotion. Yes, I was overjoyed that a mini-me would soon be making their way in the world, but god, have you seen how much those things cost? Was there...

  • The DIY Diva Handy Mandy
    1 out of 5

    The DIY Diva Handy Mandy

    By 11 May 2005

    You might want to get your other half involved in a spot of DIY over a bank holiday weekend, but does that mean you have to fall for gimmicks and tools that don’t provide the oomph? We put the Diva/Handy Mandy screwdriver drill combo to the test and...

  • Stanley 4-Way Power Strips and Stanley Surge Protectors
    4.5 out of 5

    Stanley 4-Way Power Strips and Stanley Surge Protectors

    By 4 May 2005

    Stanley has a reputation for doing things properly and their range of power strips and surge protectors are no exception. Both units come in ‘home’ and ‘workshop’ options, with the workshop options being built for the rugged life in a metal casing....

  • Navman iCN510
    4 out of 5

    Navman iCN510

    By 3 March 2005

    A satellite navigation system is only as good as the roads it takes you on - or so we’ve been told. Determined to put this premise through rigorous testing, we took the Navman iCN510 on an excursion through Europe, just to see where it took us. Let’s...

  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005
    4.5 out of 5

    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005

    By 30 December 2004

    At this time of year, golf can be a miserable experience. Trudging around in alternately soaking and freezing clothing and a force 10 gale is acceptable when your ball flies straight and true down the fairway, but trying to dig your ball out of the 14th...

  • JCB Ultrasonic Distance Meter
    3 out of 5

    JCB Ultrasonic Distance Meter

    By 22 December 2004

    If you’ve ever had an estate agent measure up your house you’ve probably seen that natty little box they wield, zapping the walls in an attempt to get a grip on the dimensions of your rooms. Eliminating the need for tape measures, this is JCB’s...

  • Black and Decker GW350 Blowervac
    4 out of 5

    Black and Decker GW350 Blowervac

    By 15 December 2004

    Winter is well and truly upon us and time spent in the garden is lessening as the nights draw in. It's cold and the last thing you want to have to do is spend hours tidying up those piles of leaves. With this in mind we put the Black and Decker Blowervac...

  • JCB Cordless Screwdriver Set
    3.5 out of 5

    JCB Cordless Screwdriver Set

    By 24 November 2004

    In the great scheme of DIY purchases the cordless screwdriver often comes straight after the power drill. It makes many of those common DIY tasks around the house much more speedy and a lot less effort. With a huge range of devices on the market it's...

  • JCB Household DIY Kit - EXCLUSIVE
    4.5 out of 5

    JCB Household DIY Kit - EXCLUSIVE

    By 3 November 2004

    JCB have made huge strides in the DIY arena in recent years. Trading on their reputation as manufacturers of heavy plant they’ve produced a wide range of power tools aimed at the amateur DIYer. With their reputation at stake they haven’t let themselves...

  • Rapesco TacWise Master Nailer 191EL Pro
    4 out of 5

    Rapesco TacWise Master Nailer 191EL Pro

    By 13 October 2004

    Ask many people what Rapesco manufactures and you’ll probably get quite a few bemused looks. Ask who makes their office stapler and they may, after a brief search, discover that Rapesco manufactures many of them. The company has built itself a reputation...