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    Belt up - it is the law!

    By 17 July 2006

    The laws governing how you transport your children in cars are about to change - later this year (September 18), children under 12 or under the height of 4'5" will have to be in car seats, on booster seats with backrests or booster cushions when travelling...

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    Japanese toilet training freaks out children

    By 6 July 2006

    Whilst casually browsing youtube (honest) the dadblog came across the following video. Toilet Training We'll never look at toilet training in the same way again. Wait until the end of the clip for the "dancing bean" moment...

  • John Lewis Nursery Advice Service review
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    John Lewis Nursery Advice Service review

    By 10 June 2006

    Buying for your child is a daunting experience. There’s such a plethora of baby paraphernalia out there that deciding what you need, what you don’t and what all the jargon means can cause sleepless nights (and that’s only supposed to start once...

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    Product testing department doubles workforce

    By 2 June 2006

    The dadblog product testing department has doubled in size overnight, with the birth of little Harry. Weighing in at 7lb 3ozs he lists his interests as "food, sleep and whatever Daddy wants, but is not yet allowed to have". As the male element of the...

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    Playground taunts rife at celebrity highschool

    By 28 May 2006

    Congratulations to Brangelina on the birth of their daughter. Hot on the heels of yesterday's news that good old Gwen had named her child Kingston, Brad and Angelina have gone one better and announced that they too have given their child a stupid name:...

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    Baby Boy for Gwen Stefani

    By 27 May 2006

    Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale have become the proud parents of a baby boy - Kingston James McGregor Rossdale, delivered by caesarean section at celeb's favourite, the Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in LA on Friday 26th May. Kingston weighed in at a respectable...

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    Five-star potty luxury for the design conscious

    By 25 May 2006

    Cool potties are already becoming a bit of a favourite on the dadblog and this one is certainly up there in the design stakes. It also appears, on first inspection, to be the ultimate in function as well, with a number of nifty elements built-in to make...

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    Just go with the Flo

    By 24 May 2006

    Bathtime has long been a challenge for parents the world over. An unhappy child, a slightly harassed parent and gallons of water can often end in disaster, especially if your child doesn't like having its hair washed. Addressing this problem is Flo, aimed...

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    Baby Brother is Watching You

    By 16 May 2006

    Big Brother is arguably the reality TV phenomenon of the past decade. As we approach yet another summer marathon, this little jem of a story crossed Pocket-lint's desk. It appears that the concept of 24 hour monitoring is being applied to one particular...

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    Children of Satan reside here

    By 6 May 2006

    I remember well the moment I first saw the Omen. It was one of those defining moments that imprinted itself so vivdly on my mind that I can still recite great trenches of dialogue from the film. The relevation that evil was alive and well in the world,...

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    Mountain Buggy triples the fun

    By 3 May 2006

    It's slightly scary to think that, as parents, you may have three children at the same time who require a buggy. It's even more terrifying when you think that, on occasion, you may have to look after all of them at the same time! With parents increasingly...

  • Designer cots get the thumbs-up

    Designer cots get the thumbs-up

    By 28 April 2006

    This cot has to truly be the ultimate in luxury. Not content with a traditional format, designers behind the Intellicot Cot have really gone to town. The cot carries some nifty features including automatic rocking, cool air circulation, a built-in lifting...

  • Banana Splits no more

    Banana Splits no more

    By 20 April 2006

    We're not really sure if this is for real, or if we're just the victim of a belated April Fool's prank. However, we found this so amusing we felt it worth sharing. A company has spent many man hours devising a way of protecting some of the most delicate...

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    Rock Gods start at and early age

    By 19 April 2006

    The baby clothing market is massive. Think of any item of baby clothing and it's likely there will already be 20 versions available from newborn upwards. However, in our experience they're invariably twee, often involving cute little kittens or lolloping...

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    The electronic solution to bawling babies

    By 12 April 2006

    "You've paced the room, and rocked the cradle, you've tried feeding, burping and changing - but the baby is still crying and one of the most distressing aspects, especially for first time parents, is that you just don't know why." The above was lifted...

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    It is Potty Time

    By 11 April 2006

    I've seen some bizarre products in the run-up to fatherhood but, to date, this one takes the biscuit. Now, thanks to the joys of modern technology your child is able to learn how to use its potty on glorious widescreen technicolour. A special DVD has...

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    Dads left holding the baby

    By 7 April 2006

    Dads are increasingly responsible for the care and upbringing of their offspring if a survey, commissioned by John Lewis, is to be believed. The retailer asked nearly 1000 women who would be the primary carer in the first year of their child's life. Debunking...

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    Man Bags that you'll actually want to own

    By 5 April 2006

    An enterprising american outfit has come up with the "flanker diaper bag" - a unique storage and retrieval system that helps guys pack and locate items necessary for the care of their child. Split into "zones", each with a separate function, the bag promises...

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    TV makes kids fat

    By 4 April 2006

    Children who eat meals whilst watching TV, eat more food than they need - according to a recent study anyway. The researchers worked with 24 children and their mothers, feeding them lunch over 4 days. On two of the 4 days a cartoon was played during the...

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    Will Dads benefit from the budget?

    By 22 March 2006

    In the past few years I've become slightly more interested in the budget - normally to find out how much more it's going to cost to fill my car, or how much more I would have to pay for my booze. Today however, with impending fatherhood on the cards,...

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    Bait your kids - Part 1

    By 14 March 2006

    Over dinner one day a rather more seasoned father than myself introduced me to the concept of baiting your child, giving them nuggets of information that are plainly untrue, but which add hours of endless amusement for the parents. Trawling through a...

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    Burn your boxer shorts

    By 13 March 2006

    It appears that political correctness pervades into every element of our society. In the US a men's group is calling the feminist movement's bluff with regard to “reproductive choice”. They say that if women have the “right” to terminate any pregnancy...

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    Nursery advisors put you back in the driving seat

    By 1 March 2006

    Those of you that have been following this section from its outset will have already seen how amazingly complicated I think the task of shopping for baby hardware is. In my mind, one of the most terrifying exercises will be in choosing the appropriate...

  • Video Messaging 4D Baby scans

    Video Messaging 4D Baby scans

    By 27 February 2006

    That first baby scan is a great moment. It's the first opportunity you've had to see the sprog in its human incubator and the indicator that you've reached a stage when it's possible to start telling people you're about to become a father. The only problem...

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    Show them your love and depleting bank-balance

    By 24 February 2006

    My wife sends me lots of emails. Mostly they're asking me to pick up some food on the way home from work or showing me links to various pieces of furniture she'd like to buy. Mostly they're pleasant, even innocuous, but she's also a master at dropping...