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  • Cool-er ebook reader
    3 out of 5

    Cool-er ebook reader

    By 20 January 2010

    Ebook readers aren't new - but it's only recently that there has been enough industry support and books available to bother buying them. Just in time for this explosion is the Cool-e-reader or Cool-er, a budget, lightweight ebook reader. What you first...

  • Mobi Headphonies portable speakers
    3 out of 5

    Mobi Headphonies portable speakers

    By 9 October 2009

    Despite what the name suggests, Mobi Headphonies are not headphones. Nor are they tipping their hat the wonderful Simpsons episode about the Apple generation. No, a headphony – which I assume is the singular of Headphonies, is around 3-inches high and...

  • Logitech Z520 Speakers
    3.5 out of 5

    Logitech Z520 Speakers

    By 30 September 2009

    The Logitech Z520 speakers are desktop stereo speakers designed to be paired with a computer or hooked up to an MP3 player. There is no subwoofer, remote or battery option - just two compact speakers and the wires to hook them up with. With no clever...

  • Genius G-Pen F350 tablet
    4.5 out of 5

    Genius G-Pen F350 tablet

    By 11 September 2009

    Tablets are one of those things that unless you're really serious about your Photoshop work, you've probably never considered one. Prices have become very reasonable now, to the extent that even those with a casual interest will consider handing over...

  • Emtec Movie Cube P800
    2 out of 5

    Emtec Movie Cube P800

    By 21 August 2009

    The Emtec Movie Cube P800 is the latest in a long line of Emtec products with a feature list that ticks all the right boxes. In practice though, it fails to deliver on most. Physically, it's very small and silent and has a whole host of connectors –...

  • Devotec Solar Sound Bluetooth Speakers
    4 out of 5

    Devotec Solar Sound Bluetooth Speakers

    By 14 August 2009

    Sometimes you don't know you want something until you actually get it. In this case, it's the Devotec Solar Sound Bluetooth Speakers, which have been a god send over the past few weeks. The speakers themselves have a very similar shape to a Battenberg...

  • Logitech diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks
    3 out of 5

    Logitech diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks

    By 11 August 2009

    Have you ever noticed that anything comfortable is almost always big? Your favourite jumper, that sofa you sink into or a hug from a sumo wrestler. The smaller you go, the less comfortable it becomes and therefore the less time you can use it. Desktops...

  • Kensington SlimBlade TrackBall
    4 out of 5

    Kensington SlimBlade TrackBall

    By 28 July 2009

    TrackBalls are almost a thing of the past, making very few appearances on a modern desktop PC and mainly seen in those poorly built internet kiosks at airports. Just like the IBM ThinkPad's nipple style controller, there are a few die hard fans out there...