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  • USB train tickets tested in France

    USB train tickets tested in France

    By 5 September 2008

    Following the news that 89% of testers in O2's phone payment Oyster trial wanted to use the system full time, it's been revealed that our cross-channel cousins are having a go at something similar. SNCF, a French train company, is trialling USB "tickets"...

  • Microsoft is not developing games on HD-DVD

    By 18 August 2006

    John Porcaro, Group Manager, PR and Communications Games Global Mktg An upper-level manager at Microsoft games has firmly denied that Microsoft will release games on HD-DVD. John Porcaro, group manager of PR and communications, has written in a blog maintained...

  • ROK TV offers television streamed to your mobile device wirelessly

    ROK TV offers television streamed to your mobile device wirelessly

    By 7 July 2006

    ROK TV has introduced a new service whereby television channels can be wirelessly streamed to your mobile device from any Wi-Fi hotspot. This means that you won't incur any internet browsing charges from your mobile service provider. At the moment, the...

  • 4 out of 5

    Star Wars - Mobile phone game

    By 14 March 2006

    Set right at the start of Episode 3, Lego Star Wars on the mobile phone by THQ steps away from the console game of the same name by Eidos and rather than allowing you to relive the movies on the go, offers a glimpse into another part of the Star Wars...

  • 4.5 out of 5

    24 - Mobile phone game

    By 5 March 2006

    It's funny how the new series of 24 has hit our screens and we have Jack using his phone to do all kinds of things, take pictures, download schematics as well as emit a signal to trigger a bomb. Now you can use your phone too to play a CTU agent in a...