Following an official announcement, and then an official postponement, has said it is now charging for its radio services outside the UK, the US and Germany.

The decision, unsurprisingly unpopular with users of the site, will see those outside the three countries named above charged 3 euros per month to subscribe. had delayed the charging process after a lot of feedback, not just with those unhappy with paying, but those who couldn't pay as the only way to fork over the fee is through PayPal with a debit or credit card.

Although said it was looking into other methods of payment for those in far flung countries without such facilities, it now suggests: "If you don’t have a suitable credit/debit card maybe a friend will buy you a subscription".

The suggestion has not proved popular judging from the feedback on the site. Comments include:

"You told us that you will wait until there will be an SMS payment, LIAR", "Greedy pigs! They have killed! Farewell!", and "You’re only think about money, not your users".